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Keller captures 799; Davison is perfect

Jason Keller had the week’s highest series at Classic Lanes, shooting 779 Sunday evening. He bowled another 700 on Thursday, 712. Tarry Davison shot a perfect game on Sunday, and registered the center’s second best 700 for the week, a 761. Harold McClure finished in third place behind Davison, shooting a 747. James Allen finished behind McClure with 729, while Kenny Turner and Anthony Sweat shot duplicate 714s, Kenny’s coming on Thursday, Anthony’s on Sunday. Four ladies broke the 600 barricade during the week. The top shooter was Neice Heavin, who registered a 652. Deana Hale, posted a pair of 600s for the week, the highest a 647, the other a 636. Finishing immediately behind Deana was Amy Sharp with her 639, while Shannon Hague closed the scoring with a 619.
In our Youth/Adult league Tristen Painter was top gun, shooting a 591. He was followed by Chazz Fountain with a 534, Dylan Reed with a 483, Cameron Gray with a 461, Matt Gifford and Ale Rosales with duplicate 444s, Mason Virgel with a 441 and Kaleb Daniels with a 424.
Jason Keller tossed games of 265, 257 and 257 on Sunday evening, to bring home our week’s best series, a 779. Jason followed this set with a 712 in Thursday night’s competition, shooting games of 248, 223 and 241. His 700 count for the year is now 18, and he has one of the center’s seven 800 honor scores, an 823. He holds third place on the high series chart. Mr. K. is averaging 244, second only to Steve Merten’s 276, best in the center, and he is one of nine individuals who have collected a perfect game this season. Actually, he has three perfect games and a 298. Jason averaged 248 for the week.
Tarry Davison collected his 35th 700 since league play began way back in August. He is our leader in this category. His best set is a 792, which places him in seventh place on the high series chart. But the big story for Tarry this week was the 300 game he posted in game one Sunday night. I have been giving Tarry grief about his needing a 300 and an 800 before league play ends in May. Well, he has one of the two, now, and he can brag the he is one of nine men to shoot a perfect game this year. Davison ranks 4th on the high average board with a 231.
Harold McClure finished the week in third place tossing a 747 on Tuesday night. Harold rolled games of 235, 245 and 267. Harold, who chases bad guys for a profession, is tied with David Gholson, David Strain, and Vincent Smith for 12th place on the high average board, is one of those nine fellas who have collected a perfect game this season, and has now booked 13 700s, the best being a 775. He holds claim to eighth place on the high series chart. Harold shot a 636 on Sunday.
James Allen finished 18 pins behind Harold this week, finishing fourth on our 700 list. Allen shot games of 235, 253 and 241 on Thursday night, completing the evening with a 729. James ranks ninth on the high average board, where he joins Mike Fletcher. He is also one of those guys who have tossed a perfect game this year. Allen also gets to claim that he is one of those six men who have hit an 800 honor score this season, an 817, and he has tossed 18 700s. His 847 ranks fourth on the high series chart.
Kenny Turner and Anthony Sweat both posted 714s this week. Sweat’s came on Sunday night, Kenny’s occurred on Thursday. Anthony rolled games 221, 268 and 225, while Kenny fired games of 239, 230 and 245. Anthony was averaging 213 when play began on Sunday, which means he finished the night 75 pins over his series average, while Kenny was averaging 188 when play began on Thursday, which means he finished the evening 150 pins over his series average of 564. If my information is correct, this week’s series is Kenny’s first 700 of the year.
Sweat ranks 6th on the high average board with a 222, is one of the nine people who have tossed a perfect game, and is 12th on the high series chart with a 770. He has collected 16 700s this season.                
Neice Heavin came through with the week’s best series for the ladies, tossing a 652 on Tuesday. Neice rolled games of 195, 222 and 235. Neice entered play with a 191 average. She finished play 79 pins over  her series average. This week’s series is Neice’s ninth 600 set since August.
Deana Hale didn’t get the ladies top series this week, but she did get the most. Ms. Hale fired a 647 on Monday, followed by a 636 on Tuesday. On Monday, Deana rolled games of 203, 221 and 223, while she tossed games of 177, 215 and 224 on Tuesday. Deana is averaging 207, has a high series of 713 and a high game of 288.
Amy Sharp grabbed the ladies’ third best series this week, a 639, tossing games of 205, 208 and 226. For Amy, this is her 19th 600 of the season. Her best is a 689. Amy’s best game is a whopping 298, and she is averaging 202.
Shannon Hague finished the week with the ladies’ final 600, a 619 shot on Tuesday. Shannon shot games of 213, 210 and 196. Ms. Hague is averaging 206, has a high game of 234, and a high series of 645. This is Shannon’s sixth 600 of the season.
The man who keeps the stats for Jim Mason’s Youth/Adult league was inundated with things to do during the recent men’s city tournament, so he had to defer doing the things for the youth league until this week.
As of this week, the top ten boy’s averages in the youth league are: Tristen Painter 188,  Mason Virgel 159,  Ale Rosales 158, Cameron Gray 154,  Chazz Fountain 153,  Kaleb Daniels 152,  Evan Fulcher 149,  Matt Gifford 147,  Dylan Reed 142, and Russell Edwards, 122.
For the girls, the top averages belong to: Brooke McClure 124,  Hannah VanVleet 103, and Bethany Stevenson 100.
Several men came close to breaking into this week’s 700 club, only to fall short by a handful of pins. They were: Allan Hague (696/684) Jesse Haggerty (692), D.J. Kast (691), David Gholson (680), Bruce Michaelson (675), and David Vansickle  and Colby Pullen (672).

District track Tuesday, Wednesday in RC

The District 13-4A track meet began today and will continue Wednesday at Royse City.

Records broken by SS track team at MP

MOUNT PLEASANT — Another track meet for Sulphur Springs, another couple of school records broken.

SS teams host Sherman tonight

Due to the upcoming district track meet, home games for the Wildcats and Lady Cats will be played today against 13-4A rivals from Sherman.

Flanagan, Brown advance for NH in track

BIRTHRIGHT — Haley Flanagan and Ray Brown led the North Hopkins track team with exceptional performances in the recent district meet.
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