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New iPhone out, Apple fans squeal with joy [iOS4]

It’s national iPhone day! At least it seems so with the release of the iPhone 4 and its software upgrade for the iPod Touch and previous iPhones - iOS4.




The wire is dead

It finally happened. The cable was cut, and the satellite was tossed from the roof of the News-Telegram building.


Do you Chatroulette?

Chatroulette.com has quickly become a global phenomenon connecting complete strangers worldwide - with only a webcam and internet connection. The increasingly popular website was created last November by Russian teen Andrey Ternovskiy, who says the concept arose from video chats he had with friends on chatting program Skype.


Is chatroulette a fun game that bridges the gap of culture and can speed up globalization, or is it just a fad with a seriously sinister side? You decide.



Cyber Communication?

Lately, I have been pondering the ways of current communication. It occurred to me that with the modern age of cyberspace that so much emotion has gotten lost in translation.


Texting Technicalities

So after being without my home computer for a week, I was stuck at home on my day off with cell phone as my only source to the outside world with work awaiting me.

It was time to let my fingers to the typing or texting as this case may be, but this time it got me into trouble.

I committed the fateful, yet, not uncommon error. Yes, I was guilty.

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