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Adamo vs Air

Dell, in yet another attempt to pass off someone else's innovation as their own, has launched a new line of subnotebook computers with the monikor adamo.


Everyone needs a Mac.

OK, before you Windows PC geeks get revved up to call me a Kool-Aid drinking, Apple Nazi, who is content to pay twice as much for a computer only because I am a faithful follower of Steve Jobs, I've got one word for you.


I want a netbook

I want a netbook. They are all the rage right now for students, professionals and anyone else who needs a very portable computer. Most of the major computer manufacturers are making a netbook model, and they are all similarly speced, priced and reviewed.


Gettin' savy with saving electricity

I know just about everyone out there is familiar with the phrase, "going green". It has been referenced to so many times that Webster's dictionary doesn't recognize green as a crayola color anymore...In fact I have heard it so much lately that the term--green--pains me. But what pains me more is my pocketbook, and how all the electronic companies are causing us to use tons of electricity. Here is the test I put forth to readers out there...wait until it gets dark (like now) and turn off all the lights in your house. How dark is it?


Is your computer slow? The two main culprits outlined

If I had a dollar for every time someone has come to me complaining that their computer is "sooooo slow," I would be a rich man. This complaint always comes from a person who has a Windows-based PC I might add, as opposed to an Apple Macintosh.

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