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Coaches jumping from job-to-job

I blame computers.



Why did I wait so long? [iPod Touch]

This year my parents did me a solid by getting me the coveted iPod Touch! I really needed a portable music player and, as we all know, Apple media items are always the best.

Sure, I already have an iPod. It's a first gen iPod Video. Killer in 2005: "A portable mp3 device that plays video?! The impossible is possible!" And it was, undoubtedly, great. The problem was not with the product, but me. I was a very clumsy 18 year old when I got it.

Needless to say, my iVideo has seen better days. Here's the poor thing, today (modeled by our lovely sports writer, Cindy Roller) :

My iPod Video


Microsoft vandalized by tweet

This is funny. So Microsoft has a Twitter roll on the home page of their Windows 7 website. The idea is that there is a constant roll of supposedly glowing compliments about their new operating system. I was watching the roll when the following Tweet went through:


Installing Windows 7 under virtualization

Microsoft released Windows 7 last month to much fanfare. This latest iteration in the company from Redmound's family of computer operating systems promises to deliver where Windows Vista could not.



Text, text, and more texting...

So I have found a new obsession. Texting. I have to admit I have never had much use for it but when I upgraded to my new phone--the LG enV2--with a full keyboard I was hooked. It is a convenient tool but dangerous in its own right as well.


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