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Song Writer's Sojourn

Brandon Rhyder: Songwriters Sojourn

It’s gotta be about the music. It can’t be about the box and fitting into the box.
– Brandon Rhyder

About two years ago, young country singer/songwriter Brandon Rhyder made a decision not to stray too far from the Central Texas home he shares with his wife Kelli and their two children, Dusty and Mahala Grace.


Rosie Flores: Songwriters Sojourn

San Antonio native Rosie Flores has been playing the famous South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival in Austin since 1988 and she'll be featured again this year, promoting a new record, “Girl of the Century."

James McMurtry: A Songwriter's Sojourn

I hate to hear the vocals on my first record. I played pretty good guitar, but the vocals are ghastly.
– James McMurtry

While most songwriters are avid readers, James McMurtry didn’t spend much time with his nose in a book when he was growing up.


Marcia Ball: A Songwriter's Sojourn

A good gig makes you feel on top of the world. A bad gig makes you think about getting a day job.
– Marcia Ball

Although she's been recognized for her ability to sing the blues, Texas-born, Louisiana raised songwriter Marcia Ball's music is infused with a Cajun kick and a lot of joy.


Vince Bell - A Songwriter's Sojourn

A good song can take a lot of beating, doggone it ...
It can take what anybody can lay into it.
It’s hard to whip a good tune.

– Vince Bell

When Lyle Lovett was touring in support of his new CD, “Natural Forces,” he opened the show with “Sun and Moon and Stars,” a song written early in the career of Texan Vince Bell. Lovett said he recorded the song as a tribute to Bell, one of his mentors. For audience members familiar with Bell’s story, it was a particularly touching moment.

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