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Texas FleaDog Report

The FleaDogs are off to a strong start to the 2009 Fantasy season, with a 2-1 record and a 72.3 ppg avg. (third in the league). After getting spanked by the Drew Brees - led Bo Knows FB in Week 1 (87-62), the FleaDogs bounced back with a 79-67 win in Week 2 and a 76-66 win in Week 3.

The Week 2 resurgence of Matt Schaub has been a boon to the boys, along with the outstanding play of Maurice Jones-Drew, Reggie Wayne and Marques Colston.  The pleasant surprise has come from Cedric Benson, who looks to give me a good option for the Flex spot each week. If Chad Ochocinco starts producing a little more, this team will have some nice options in its run for the playoffs. Of course, all this depends on Schaub being healthy. With Jake Delhomme as the backup QB, we are one injury away from being in real trouble (though we also have Kevin Kolb hanging around the practice fields -- maybe we can but a jinx on McNabb is Schaub goes down).

Defensively, Chad Greenway is most certainly leading the way (I'm pretty sure I was the chief of the Greenway fan club going into the draft -- gotta love Iowa linebackers). The Titans Kyle VandenBosch has been a huge disappointment (that trade of Mario Williams for Delhomme is not looking good right now), but LB Thomas Howard and CB Cedric Griffin have played well, so the defense is holding its own right now (6th ranked defense in the league -- the offense is ranked 1st right now).

Up next is a HUGE game with the division-leading Goon Squad, which is the highest-scoring team in the league at 80 points a game. this week is big.

Week 4 Stock Watch

I'm a little late this week with the Stock Watch, but the Rangers have me so depressed it took a little while to get my fingers to work. So, without any delay, here is your Week 4 Stock Watch. Remember, these guys are hot and look good for the future. If there is a trade in your future, these are fine targets (and guys to trade away, too).


The Stock Watch

Week 2 of the fantasy season proved one undeniable truth: It's very hard to predict what is going to happen with NFL players from week to week. All fantasy players can do is look for trends and favorable matchups and make their best guess at the best play.

And then hope and pray.

Here's look at the Week 2 Stock Watch:


Play or Bench?

Just a quick rundown on Week 2 suggestions: If you are looking for advice on guys such as Brees, Peterson and Wayne, the answer is simple: Give up fantasy football! If you don't know to start them every week, then you don't need to be playing.


Week 1 Roundup

What a great first week to the NFL and fantasy season. The big dogs were great, the little dogs struggled and a few sleepers surprised. Unfortunately, the FleaDogs started the season with a loss, falling 87 - 62 to the Bo Knows FB (but my other 4 teams won their opening games -- including two high scorers, so it was a successful weekend). When you pit Schaub, Daniels and Bush against Brees, Shockey and Julius Jones, you aren't going to win much.


Football is Back!

Welcome to Fantasy Fever, our newest blog that will cover the ins and out of fantasy football (and baseball) all throughout the year. We'll highlight the highs and lows from each week and pick a player or two to highlight for the coming week of action. You will also get to follow the fantasy season of the Texas FleaDogs, a draft-from-scratch keeper team in the well-known National Fantasy Sports League -- a national internet-based fantasy site (we'll highlight the league itself in the coming days, just in case you want to look into it).


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