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Cooking with Cindy

Everything you always wanted to know about onions

Could "onion breath" ever be a good thing? Apparently it was a good thing to the ancient Egyptians under the rule of Ramesses IV. The Egyptians believed that, if buried with the dead, the strong scent of onions would bring breath back to their mummified bodies. Ramesses mummy was found to have traces of onion in the eye sockets.


This tastes like ... dining out - at home


Food is getting more expensive. Whether you eat out or eat at home, what you eat is costing you more. There is debate about whether eating out costs more by the time you add in all of the variables. I think it depends on where you eat, what you eat and how many in your family are eating with you. 


Gluten-free and feeling better

The warm smell of yeast bread. The crisp shatter between your teeth of a delicate pastry crust. The chewy texture of a warm chocolate chip cookie. The moist crumb of a sweet pound cake.  All of these are made from the combination of three basic ingredients - flour, fat and sugar. It is amazing that by adding leavening and flavorings, these three ingredients can be used to form a myriad of baked goods.


For all the chocoholics out there

altA new movie, “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” hit the big screen last week. Its release made me wonder what would happen if Hollywood came up with a movie called “Confessions of a Chocoholic.”  I think everyone would hit the snack bar during the movie - or leave the theater hungry.



Teaching your kids to cook


altParents and teachers are always trying to find creative ways to teach the skills necessary for our children to succeed in daily life. 

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