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Clayton Homes X 10,000 = $50 million

If you know anyone working at Clayton Homes out on U.S. 67 just west of town, tell 'em congratulations. Or thank you, even. They held a ceremony today in honor of the 10,000th home they've built since they started operations here in 1997.

Calling all Daddy-Daughter Dancers

Look for an upcoming story about the Mothers Culture Club's last fund-raiser of the year. It's gonna be a sweetheart of a deal. Not only is the upcoming event taking place around St. Valentine's Day, there should be lots of love in the air. Why? Because, dear friends, it's the Mothers Culture Club's first Daddy-Daughter Dance ...


Christian One Liners

I get LOOOOAAAAAADS of e-mail every day. Seriously, on the order of 125 messages minimum. Most I can toss out, like the press releases from the Save the Manatee Foundation (of course, if they ever start migrating across the Gulf and up one of the feeder rivers to the Sulphur, I'm sure I'll be plenty sorry then), or the Maine Windjammer Association (as God is my witness, I have never figured out how I got on their list), and anything that purports to make my body parts larger also go in the trash. (I already weigh about 285 pounds. I don't want to increase my girth in ANY area.)

Inauguration watch

The best place in town to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama as president on Tuesday is probably at a church on Jackson Street.


Our good neighbors, Morningstar Foods

I received a nice — no, nice isn’t the right word ... inspiring is better — e-mail today informing me of something one of Sulphur Springs’ corporate neighbors will be doing. It's the kind of message that reminds me why I like this town and its people so much.

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