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Letters, we get letters ... well, spam, anyway ...

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I get, on average, about 125 e-mails every day (less on weekends, more on weekdays), the vast majority not worth reading more than the subject line), but sometimes the stuff I get surprises me, and there’s not much in this world that still suprises me.


Anoyone for Friday night tailgate parties on Main St.?

How about a little get-together downtown every Friday night when the Wildcats are out of town this football season? That’s one idea being kicked around for downtown.


How Martin Luther marched in Selma and other 'Top Exam Howlers'

I catch so much grief over the occasional misspelled word that it’s downright gratifying to me to find someone else has erred with pen and paper. (Hey, I maintain we get more than 99 percent of 'em right, so cool it!) Today I stumbled across something I haven’t seen in a long time that left me more grateful than I've been in years, and I just had to share.

Sign of the times…

I hope this is not an accurate depiction of how life is today. But some how, struggling with a tight budget, I’m afraid it is.


The Power of the Press

A woman just called and asked if I would contact U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall and tell him to get his curvy backside over to the Civic Center for Friday night’s town hall forum on government-run health care. I ain’t felt so flattered since one of the Bradshaw twins tried to push me into pool at Barret’s Aquatic Training Center and Flea Market Emporium back in the 10th grade.

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