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KONY 2012: Internet social networks used for worldwide change

You've seen them. You've shared them. Internet phenomenons. "Memes," photos, videos or stories shared online through email, Twitter, Facebook and even Google +. Most of the time the forwards sent to us are jokes or pop culture references, but social networks can create worldwide change. Change was achieved with the Egyptian revolution in 2011, which was organized and succeeded mostly because of Twitter and other social media. That is the kind of impact Invisible Children and the TRI Foundation are trying to accomplish with their new campaign, KONY 2012.


Jury Duty - A Writer's Perspective


When most people get a 'dreaded' jury duty letter in the mail they immediately enter into a state of despair, as if they had been mailed their own death certificate. Not this writer. When I opened the mailbox and discovered I had received my first official jury summons I was ecstatic. It was as if I had received a free front row ticket to my favorite band, or box seats at a Rangers game. This is not a common reaction, needless to say.


'Stop the whole world from turning into a monster, and eating us alive'

It’s always disheartening to hear about changes to a favorite band, and when the changes involved the original members fans become even more apprehensive about the future.


Why does the Easter Bunny lay eggs?

Easter has arrived - a time of springtime celebration linked inexorably to the Christian tradition. There are, however, some peculiar traditions that we’ve garnered in the U.S. that (at face value, at least) are lacking in reason.

Take the Easter Bunny, for instance. I remember getting dressed for Easter service when I was young and “hunting” for conveniently placed eggs on the church/park lawn that were left by the mysterious rabbit who brought us gifts of sweets every year.

Only later in life does it start to seem odd. Why on Earth would a rabbit go around leaving colored eggs in our lawns? Isn’t the rabbit a mammal? Wouldn’t a bird make more sense?


(Above.) The Easter Bunny with the eggs he just laid. Wait. What?

WARNING: LIFE SPOILER ALERT - If you don’t want to know the truth about one of the most fantastical creatures in American folklore (ex. Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, Hannah Montana) do not read on.


A great weekend for friends, family and movie viewing

I had the opportunity to do something this weekend I haven’t had the opportunity to do in a while — take in a movie with a friend and another with my son. Each was a different genre and each I recommend you watch if you’re looking for quality entertainment to while away an afternoon.

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