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Miller Grove News

MILLER GROVE NEWS April 28, 2010

Compared to last week, this one is a little bit busier for the residents of Miller Grove.
Here are a few birthdays: Derick Petty on April 25; Mary Lou Akins on April 26; Fred Moseley Jr.

Miller Grove News for April 21, 2010

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News in the community is scant this week, but I stopped by H.C. and Mary Lou Akins’ home the other day to drop off a few pictures and things I had borrowed to copy, and Mary Lou said she saw the first hummingbird of the season. Get your hummingbird feeders out because they’re already in the area.

Miller Grove News for March 31, 2010

This week I will start off with a few birthdays. Happy birthday to Franklin Johnson on March 29, B.J. Wright and David Tipps on March 30, and Canyon Smith on April 3.

MILLER GROVE NEWS March 24, 2010

I couldn’t believe it when I woke up Sunday morning and saw another blanket of snow on the ground. I thought it was spring; what happened! At least it did warm up quickly this week.


Miller Grove News March 17, 2010

Thank goodness for spring break this week! It is always nice to be able to have a few days off of work. I know the students at the school are just as glad as the faculty.
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