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Brashear News

Brashear News

I have an apology to make right off the bat. I forgot to mention that the 26th was Louise and Elton Stewart’s anniversary. My sincerest apologies for this oversight. I know that you both are forgiving and I also hope your family is too.


Brashear News for June 24, 2009

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Summer is officially here! (As if we couldn’t guess!) I hope you have found a good way to beat the heat. Make sure you are drinking enough fluids.

Reilly Springs News for June 24, 2009

It has gotten hot in Reilly Springs and we’re needing some rain. We hit the triple digits this week and the air conditioners are doing double duty. If you must get outside, drink plenty of water and rest periodically in the shade.

Brashear News June 17, 2009

Another week in paradise — we are so blessed to live in our small community! I heard someone mention that their grandchildren were so amazed how their grandparents keep saying “hello” and visiting with so many people. Only in Hopkins County can we see so many friendly faces and feel like we are home.


Brashear News for June 10, 2009

Brashear Homecoming was last weekend, and I have first-hand report from Tom, who thoroughly enjoyed the whole event. We are just wondering if every homecoming is as good as Brashear. Red George, the president of the Cemetery Association, opened the meeting and the business news was handled. The food was rated excellent by Tom. Has told his Sunday School class that it was real food made by some very good cooks.
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