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EMERGENCY PLANS: You never know when the worst will happen

Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently unveiled his five-year Homeland Security Strategic Plan that sets the protocols and procedures for the state response to events from hurricanes to increased drug cartel violence. Critics immediately said the plan was over-the-top and unneeded.

We feel it is one of the smartest moves made by the Governor.


P.R. MISTAKE: Atheists need lessons

You can call organized atheists many, many things — but don't mistake them for marketing geniuses. When it comes to effective public relations, its all about positive messaging, unless, of course, you are with the Freedom From Religion Foundation.


CALMING THE STORM: Keep hysteria in check

The crisis in the Gulf of Mexico involving the wrecked rig Deepwater Horizon and an uncontrolled gushing of oil into the gulf could have serious repercussions when all is said and done. While no one would want to downplay the seriousness of the situation and the potential effects on both the environment and the economy of the region, we must make sure that hysteria doesn't overtake common sense in the coming months.


STIRRING THE POT: Aggies chime in on immigration

Immigration has been a hot topic for years in this country, but it has now reached new heights with Arizona's controversial new law that makes it a state crime to be in this country illegally. But the Grand Canyon State's stance on immigration may just be the leading edge of a coming storm.

A select group of students at Texas A&M University are certainly intent keeping the issue alive.


FUNDING HEALTH: Will we pay the costs?

You won't find many Americans who are overjoyed with the Obama health care reform package. Most don't understand half of the plan — and what they do understand doesn't exactly sound appealing.
Of course, it's easy to play armchair quarterback and complain about how the government is messing everything up — again. Coming up with true reform ideas is not as easy as it sounds.

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