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GOING ‘GREEN’: We can't afford it

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Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California loves green — or at least loves going "green." Be it a political stunt or an actual concern for the environment, Pelosi has been a leader of the Democrat's "Green the Capitol" campaign.

The only problem is, going green can be quite expensive - as House members recently found out.


DEFICIT WAR: Save Big Bird for later

What is ailing America today? Is it health care? The national debt? The economy? Big Bird? According to some Republicans, it's all four.


OBAMA'S SPEECH: Has the campaign begun?

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Was President Barack Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday night a true accounting of where this country is and where we are heading, or the jump-start to a re-election campaign?

In truth, it was much more of the latter than the former.


FOLLOW THE LEADER: It is time to cut spending

Imagine this scenario: You've been unemployed for a year or so, but hung on to both SUVs, the 5000-square-foot house, and, when you get home from a trip to the Bahama's next week, you are off to buy the newest 60-inch flat screen TV. You get to do all this because Uncle Harry, who has lived frugally and saved all his life, keeps giving you loans.

Now, imagine old Harry shows up for a visit. What might he think when he pulls into the drive in his 10-year-old Chevy Nova? He'll probably be wondering what in the heck he's doing loaning you money.

And Chinese President Hu Jintao probably knows just how Uncle Harry would feel.


SOCIAL MEDIA: Are we safe?

People are friendly by nature. We want to connect and meet others - it is in our genetic makeup. In today's tech-friendly world, social media has become the gathering place for the masses. Social media brings people together. It opens conversations. It gives you a voice.

Social media can also be a very dangerous platform. And it is getting worse every day.

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