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DECISION TIME: Obama must change Afghanistan course

It's no big surprise that President Barack Obama ousted Gen. Stanley McChrystal last Wednesday after McChrystal's poor judgement and loose lips. But the key for President Obama is what he does next.

And his options are not very appealing.


USA SOCCER: The buzz is growing

Has it happened yet? Have you been bitten by the bug? Have you become, for lack of a better word, a soccer freak?

If you haven't, you are missing out on a very special moment. If you have (or if you were one all along), well ..... ain't it fun!

One thing we have discovered during the 2010 World Cup being held in South Africa: Soccer is alive and well in the good 'ole U.S.A. No, soccer hasn't reached the heights of America's major sports. And it probably never will. It won't replace football. It won't take the place of basketball or baseball. NASCAR will most likely always be more popular and so will golf, if only because it is a sport that we all can play.

But soccer is making headway. Lots of headway.


AFGHAN RICHES: Oh the irony!

The Pentagon announced on Monday that Afghanistan is sitting on top of an estimated $1 trillion worth of mineral deposits. If true, we have a new poster child for the term "irony."

All these years, with countless invaders, wars, suffering and death - a civilization that is closer to the Stone Age than the 21st Century — and suddenly Afghanistan has riches most countries can't imagine.


SOCCER'S WOES: Can U.S. make a mark?

Apparently, soccer isn't quite dead in the United States. On life support? Maybe. But there is a chance for a full recovery.

It is no secret that soccer (or football to the rest of the world) lacks much support in America. We've got millions of kids playing the sport, and America has produced some outstanding talent. But few notice and soccer languishes in obscurity. Oh there are fans here — don't ever doubt that. A day after The News-Telegram ran an editorial cartoon depicting soccer as a sleep aid for Americans, an angry fan called to protest. That doesn't happen when President Obama gets the same treatment.


MEDIA BAILOUT: Government must stay out of journalism

It's no secret that the mainstream media — newspapers, radio and television — are going through trying times. The rapidly changing technological world, coupled with an ever-increasing busy lifestyle (and a struggling economy) have hit media outlets hard.

It is a challenge, no doubt. But it is one challenge that doesn't need government intervention.

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