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ECONOMIC GROWTH: Obama getting advice

President Obama asked business leaders last week exactly what it was about his policies that has them so concerned. If he bothers to read their answers, he just may find a way to get the struggling economy going forward again.


POSTAL PROBLEMS: Stamps going up again?

As recently as 2005, the cost of a first-class stamp was 37 cents. On July 6 of this year, the U.S. Postal Service proposed yet another rate hike, taking the first-class stamp to 46 cents. This rate hike would follow similar jumps in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Is it now time to privatize the postal service?


OIL SPILL: Obama wrong to push for drilling moratorium

The Gulf oil spill is a horrible tragedy. It may take years to even begin to figure out the total damage to the Gulf's eco-system, not to mention the financial toll residents throughout the Gulf are having to endure because of the spill.

As is standard practice, when something catastrophic happens, we turn to the U.S. government for help and guidance. First, we must always remember that the federal government is not always an "all-powerful" entity that can wave a wand and fix a problem. Second, those fixes aren't always the right ones.


THE ANTI-LEBRON: QB shows true class

The LeBron James debacle has been beaten to death in news outlets across the country — if not the globe. Pampered superstar embarrasses himself and his sport with a juvenile attention grab. First, the hour-long television special to announce where he intends to play the next few seasons, then a big "look-at-me" party in his chosen Miami.

Who really cares. We really should be getting used to these antics from today's athletes.

Then an old story pops across the email, talking about another superstar, this one years past his glory days.


SH 11: Great look, real concern

Now that the new State Highway 11 extension is open, there are two quick observations: 1) It will be a great benefit to Sulphur Springs and will open traffic in the south part of the city tremendously; and 2) someone is going to get seriously injured at the intersection of the new extension and Arbala Road.

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