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FORECLOSURES: Should they be delayed?

A moratorium on home foreclosures - voluntarily put into place recently by many lending institutions, including GMAC and Bank of America, sounds like a wonderful plan to try and right the mortgage market and put the American real estate market back on solid footing.

But a dissenting voice is giving us all something to think about.


GOING GREEN: Is it working?

How effective is this "go green" mantra that America now finds itself living under. Are we making a difference? Will we make a difference in the future? At this point, it is hard to tell. We are not sure tomorrow will be any clearer, either.

But that doesn't stop the green activists from pushing onward.


RATE SPIKE: Credit law didn't work

One of the earliest priorities of the Obama administration and Congress was to put in place new rules governing credit card companies, all with the aim of protecting consumers from overzealous banks.

The government certainly got the rules instituted. But we are left wondering where the protection went.


FOOTBALL IS BACK!: Here come the ’Cats!

The lights of Gerald Prim Stadium will flicker tonight as 6,000-plus Wildcat fanatics celebrate the opening of the 2010 Texas high school football season. The excitement. The passion. The hits and the cheers.

It is a glorious time of the year.


ECONOMIC GROWTH: Obama getting advice

President Obama asked business leaders last week exactly what it was about his policies that has them so concerned. If he bothers to read their answers, he just may find a way to get the struggling economy going forward again.

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