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NPR-PC: Williams gets raw deal

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Corporate America has always been careful. Careful about presenting the right image. Careful about not offending potential customers. But in the quest to be perfect for all, corporations have become the "King of Political Correctness" - and our country is not a better place for it.


MISSING JOBS: Dems won't like news

With the November mid-term elections just around the corner and Republicans gaining steam in most of the tight races, Democrats are looking for a savior - some bit of good news that will ease the turnover leanings of the American voters.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, it won't come from the jobs report.


FLU FIGHTERS: No reason to avoid flu shot

It's that time of the year again. The air becomes crisp; the leaves on the trees turn beautiful colors; and people get the flu. We can't stop the first two (and don't really want to), but the flu can be fought off - or at least we have a puncher's chance against it.


FORECLOSURES: Should they be delayed?

A moratorium on home foreclosures - voluntarily put into place recently by many lending institutions, including GMAC and Bank of America, sounds like a wonderful plan to try and right the mortgage market and put the American real estate market back on solid footing.

But a dissenting voice is giving us all something to think about.


GOING GREEN: Is it working?

How effective is this "go green" mantra that America now finds itself living under. Are we making a difference? Will we make a difference in the future? At this point, it is hard to tell. We are not sure tomorrow will be any clearer, either.

But that doesn't stop the green activists from pushing onward.

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