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TECH WATCH: FBI wants more power

It's no secret that Big Brother is watching computers with a keen eye. Unfortunately, it is about to be much easier for them to see what you are seeing.


FOOD NAZIS: S.F. goes too far

Childhood obesity is a problem in this country. We all recognize that fact. And we understand that a government-sponsored program to promote good nutritional habits is seen as a positive step.

But the city of San Francisco has gone too far. They are banning Happy Meals, and there should be an uproar from the masses.


CHANGE, PART II: A lot of work ahead

Well that change sure didn't last too long. Now we have to see if the old ideas will bring anything new - or will we be looking for another alternative in two more years?


RIGHT TO GRIPE: Voting is the key

Griping is an American tradition. Griping about politics and, more specifically, politicians, is an American obsession. Truthfully, however, only a few of us have that right. We need to change those numbers.

If we don't vote, we should have our griping rights taken away. It's that simple. Voting is not only about our rights - but doing so gives us rights.


GOBLIN WARNING: Safety first this weekend

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WARNING: Local authorities are asking Sulphur Springs residents to be on the lookout for strange people and creatures Saturday on the streets of our city. Residents are asked to be extremely cautious in their travels and to avoid these menacing characters. Residents are also being warned to expect several front-porch invasions. These gremlins, ghosts and goblins can usually be harmlessly handled with a small amount of candy, so it would be wise to have some available early Saturday evening.

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