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PAY FREEZE: It's about time

President Obama's decision to freeze the pay of federal employees is a good first step in turning around a federal budget disaster. Now, Congress must jump on board.


SAT RULERS: Boys make their mark

There has been a push the last few years to do away with the college SATs and return the focus on a student's college-readiness back to high school performance. All the numbers seem to validate the idea - except for one. And for boys, that "one" is big.


AIR SECURITY: We must get ahead

After all the worries and media speculation surrounding new, intensified passenger screening procedures at U.S. airports, it seems very few problems were encountered during the Thanksgiving holiday - which just happens to be the busiest air travel time period of the year. That, however, doesn't necessarily mean the Transportation Security Administration has found its security answer.

Far from it.


THANKSGIVING: A blessed day for all

Thursday marks the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. It is a time of happiness and giggles. It is a time of giving and joy. It is a time of remembrance and graciousness. But most of all, it is a time of family and friends.


2011 SESSION: Raw milk in space?

While Texas residents anxiously await the opening of the 82nd Texas Legislature to find out if we get to keep calling Grandma on our cell while stuck in traffic, there are a few other bills already filed during the pre-filing process that we might want to keep a steady eye on.

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