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THANKSGIVING: A blessed day for all

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Thursday marks the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. It is a time of happiness and giggles. It is a time of giving and joy. It is a time of remembrance and graciousness. But most of all, it is a time of family and friends.


2011 SESSION: Raw milk in space?

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While Texas residents anxiously await the opening of the 82nd Texas Legislature to find out if we get to keep calling Grandma on our cell while stuck in traffic, there are a few other bills already filed during the pre-filing process that we might want to keep a steady eye on.


CELL PHONE BANS: Here comes the craziness

Pre-filing for the 82nd Texas Legislature is in full swing, with over 370 bills already filed since the Nov. 8 kick-off. Let the craziness officially begin.

One of the most controversial bills that will receive consideration when the session kicks off at noon January 11, 2011, will govern cell phone usage in a moving vehicle. Already four members of the Texas House and two members of the Texas Senate have jumped in with proposals to penalize drivers using wireless devices while behind the wheel.

This is one bill we should expect action on.


TECH WATCH: FBI wants more power

It's no secret that Big Brother is watching computers with a keen eye. Unfortunately, it is about to be much easier for them to see what you are seeing.


FOOD NAZIS: S.F. goes too far

Childhood obesity is a problem in this country. We all recognize that fact. And we understand that a government-sponsored program to promote good nutritional habits is seen as a positive step.

But the city of San Francisco has gone too far. They are banning Happy Meals, and there should be an uproar from the masses.

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