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NEEDED BOOST: Obama brings positive message

In addressing Congress for the first time since taking office, President Barack Obama stashed away his negative rhetoric and turned to his strength — positive messages. He promised an end to the economic struggles of this country; He promised a government plan that would end the doldrums and bring out the competitive fire in our workforce; He promised a resurgent America.


LOSING THE FEAR: Economy won’t turn until confidence does

The bailouts appear to be a failure, there is little confidence in the stimulus package and — most importantly — the public is still scared. It is very hard to see the rainbow through the economic clouds still hanging over America.


WI-FI FLYING: Access coming to planes

Internet and e-mail lovers rejoice! One of the last areas of “no-service” madness may soon fly away into the night.


VISION QUEST: Maxwell City’s Top Citizen

It’s not often that a city employee – especially the city’s top executive - gets honored for, well, doing his job, unless it is an honor bestowed by a peer group or association. Then again, not too many city employees have pulled the rabbit out of the hat quite like Sulphur Springs City Manager Marc Maxwell.


FACING RISKS: We do it everyday

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Americans are a reckless people by nature. We laugh in the face of danger. Risk flows through our blood.

Take a quick glance at our history. We built a machine that carries people through the air. We've now built a suit that people wear to fly by themselves. We drained malaria-filled swamps to dig the Panama Canal. We build huge buildings that pierce the sky and send men on boards to the top - just to wash the windows.

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