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PERRY'S BLUNDERS: There is no trust

Sometimes we wonder if Texas Gov. Rick Perry really even understands. Perception rules the world, and the perception of our governor is, well, rather poor. That is why he will have a Republican opponent in the next election.


PARKS' BEER PLAN: Is it a bad idea?

It's 98 degrees outside on a hot summer day and you've stood in line to hop on the Judge Roy Scream ride at Six Flags Over Texas for a good 50 minutes. The next thing you know, a fairly-inebriated fellow pushes his way through the crowd, knocking your 12-year-old little girl to the ground. Tempers flare; words are exchanged. 

It is not a pretty picture — but one that could easily turn into reality now that Six Flags — and its sister property, Hurricane Harbor — have received permission to start selling beer at the two Arlington theme parks.


NOT KNOWING: It is the hardest part

Honestly, what do we know? When it comes to the economic struggles facing America, the answer is: "Not much." And that may be the scariest part of this up-and-down mess.


FIRST THINGS: Economy needs attention

It is certainly way too early in President Obama’s White House tenure to be trying to assess his job performance. Don’t tell that, however, to the traders on Wall Street. Investors there are voting with their wallets.


IDENTITY CRISIS: Dems, Republicans fighting a silly fight

State Democrats and Republicans are engaged in a bitter tussle over a plan to require voters to show proof of identification before casting ballots. Surely there are more compelling issues to argue about.

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