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U.S. TORTURE: Do we want to know?


Should America torture terrorist suspects? Should we use any means necessary to gain critical information? Is the safety of our country more important than the liberty of our enemy?

It is a battle raging right now — and the answer is not nearly as cut-and-dried as we might want it to be. 


SEEING BOTH SIDES: Councilman needs an open mind

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Sulphur Springs City Councilman Charles Oxford has "green on the brain" — and that is a stance that should be applauded. But, Mr. Oxford seems to only want to hear "his" side of the story, and that is a troublesome trait for a sitting city councilman. 


TEA PARTIES: Spread the blame

In over 500 cities and towns — including Sulphur Springs — Americans are rising up in protest today over President Obama’s handling of the economy and a scary escalation of tax policies. Dubbed "tea parties," in the spirit of the famous Boston uprising in 1773, these peaceful protests should be applauded as a citizenry in action.

But the blame has to go much further than President Obama. If fingers are to be pointed, then they should also be aimed at President Bush, the entirety of Congress, our state leaders and, perhaps most importantly, ourselves.


GOING ‘GREEN’: Can we afford it?

America wants to go green. It is a worthwhile project that should get the attention and support of every man, woman and child. Quite frankly, our planet depends on it.

But the question remains: At what price do we brave this change to green? It is a question facing the Sulphur Springs City Council right now. It is also one without an easy answer.


CHILD PROTECTION: A job for us all

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We have all heard the stories and seen the reports. The statistics stare back at us like a terrible B-grade horror movie. Our children are not always safe from harm and the simple fact is that we have to do more than we are doing to bring about change. 

And there is no better time to make those changes than in April, which is designated Child Abuse Awareness, Prevention Month.

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