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WRONG PATH: Czar-crazy President is over-stepping

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President Obama has gone a little crazy — Czar crazy, that is. The U.S. has so many "czars" now even the Soviets would be impressed. We've got Drug Czars and  Internet Czars and Iran Czars and on and on and on. It is the popular title around D.C. these days.

But the latest Czar appointed by the President might need watching, because if early reports are true, President Obama is trying to take the U.S. to a place we probably don't want to go.


DAIRY FESTIVAL: 50 years of celebration

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In 1959, in the middle of the dairy surge in Hopkins County, locals decided a celebration was needed — one befitting the Dairy Capital of America and the men, women and children who made Hopkins County such a wonderful place to live, work and play.

The Hopkins County Dairy Festival was born.


HEALTH CARE: Cost is the issue

Nationalized health insurance has been a hot topic in the United States for several years — especially within the Democratic Party. And there is good reason for the attention. Far too many people in this country go without insurance protection and many often miss out or fail to get treatment for serious illnesses because they lack insurance and can't afford the high costs associated with medical care.

But a new study reports that insurance isn't always the protective umbrella we like to think it is. And insurance companies aren't always the big, bad villains.


DOWNTOWN NEWS: The process is on schedule


The city's approval of a $4.4 million bond package for the continued renovation of downtown Sulphur Springs is a much-needed sign that the vision of a renewed retail district will continue without a hitch. 

Now, we simply need the economy to improve and the businesses to fall in line and downtown Sulphur Springs will once again be a center of activity.


RENEWED RESPECT: Our flag must triumph

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At some point, Americans are going to have to fight back. Not for our economy or for a right to carry guns. But simply for our right to be proud Americans.

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