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TOLL ROADS: Dallas rates going up

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For folks living in and around Sulphur Springs, toll roads aren't really a big deal. But in the large Texas cities, toll roads are a vital part of the commuting process as residents spend a great deal of time and money traveling the various pay-as-you go roads.

In Dallas, the money part will soon go up.


STIMULUS MONEY: It was lost from the get-go

It's clear that the $787 billion economic stimulus bill hasn't created much stimulus. The unemployment rate is nearing 10 percent and the U.S. economy still wobbles on an almost daily basis.

So was the stimulus a complete and total flop? When you consider the stimulus came from a political process, the reality is that you can't label something a flop that never had a chance to work in the first place.


THE NEW GM: Long road ahead for troubled automaker

Fritz Henderson, the new CEO of the new General Motors, is saying all the right things as the automaker makes it way out of the bankruptcy desert. Words, however, only go so far. The key to GM profitability is strictly-tied to the rebuilding of consumer confidence.

Henderson says the new company will focus on making cars and trucks that consumers actually want to drive. He points to innovation as the new GM creed. And he promises the company will pay back the government loans.

It's good talk. Let's hope the action is just as good.


FALSE PROMISES: Is another tax coming?

What if we held politicians to their campaign promises? What if we levied a hefty fine on an elected official if he or she betrayed a campaign pledge? If the fine was big enough, we just might be able to cure the U.S. economic woes.

But our President might need a loan to cover his costs.


INDEPENDENCE: America's fight inspired many

The Fourth of July is a day for fun, fellowship, sunshine, hot dogs and fireworks. Families and friends gather in backyards and around area lakes from early in the day to late in the evening to celebrate our summer holiday.

But like so many other national holidays, often the reason for the celebration can be lost in the festivities. And so it is up to each and every one of us to remember exactly why the fourth day in July is such a special day in our history.

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