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2011 in SS: Challenges lie ahead

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As 2010 winds down, we turn our collective attention to 2011, where there many challenges facing our local leaders. Two of the most important challenges we face concern our downtown area and our school system. While these challenges are certainly not in the "quick fix" category, we would like to see improvement in the following areas:


SPENDING CUTS: Rough year ahead

If there is one thing members of the Texas Legislature are asking Santa for this Christmas, it is probably extra money — or a frozen calendar. Because without one or the other, it is going to be a chilly winter in Austin.

The 82nd Texas Legislature is scheduled to convene Jan. 11, 2011, and is expected is face one of the toughest budget crunches in state history. You can bet this won't be a fun session.


INTERNET RULES: FCC should stay out

The Federal Communications Commission once again has the Internet in its sights. And once again, the FCC needs to be stopped.


PORK BARONS: One last gasp

You've got to love the gumption of our Congressional members. In November, voters scream and shout - and vote - that change is needed. Fiscal restraint is needed.  And what does Congress do? Spend and spend.


OBAMACARE: Legislation takes a hit

On Monday, a federal judge in Virginia ruled ObamaCare - or at least one key component of the legislation - unconstitutional. The issue will undoubtably go to the Supreme Court. Let's hope it happens sooner rather than later.

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