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Failure to launch at 22?

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Dear Delores,

I have a 22 year old daughter who is going through the motions of working and going to school. She does not listen to the many house rules and comes and goes as she likes and does a lot of going out until the early morning hours and then sleeps most of the day and night I can not tolerate her life style which my be homosexual related. She is very disrespectful and loud at time. It is taking a huge toll on me and we are not getting along at all. I want her to leave. But how. She would make a huge full in which the whole neighborhood would hear. How should this be done?



First of all, your neighbors don't have perfect children either. Don't worry about what they think, take care of your own household. If she's not following your rules and that is important to you, then change the locks if she doesn't leave when you ask her to.


Highway 11, a.k.a Death Highway

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Dear Delores,

When is the state going to post a sign on Hwy 11 between SS & Winnsboro, declaring it the "Death Highway", travel at your own risk? Another accident this weekend just shows that there are not enough left turn lanes (none in Como) and it needs to be completed with a new surface between East of Pickton and Winnsboro. How many more fatalities and accidents will it take before something is done?



I understand your frustration and concern as I too have wondered the same thing. After the fatal accident in front of the church on highway 11 the state did come in



Gossip in the Workplace

Dear Delores

How do I best handle snakes in the workplace? Recently a former employee was rehired, she's a terrible gossip and relishes in the fact that she "keeps it real". Which to me is just rude behavior, being loud and getting into everyone's business. I am cordial and luckily I really don't have to be around her more than 10 mins a day (which is all that I can handle before she becomes aggravating). My problem is not her it's since she's been here she's befriended another employee who also likes to gossip. I do not like the other lady point blank. She's a sneaky sort, one that will be nice to your face then talk about you while you're away. I personally graduated high school, I'm at least a decade younger than these women. I didn't care for that kind of school back when I was young kid, let alone a grown woman. But they try to involve me in things. Most of the time they are content to ignore me and gossip among themselves, but when there is drama involving other employees they come over and try to tell me everyone's business. They tell me things that they say about one another and it feels like they tell me these things, so that I will go and repeat the gossip. This isn't a good work environment, I know. But my job is good, I've been here for many years, longer than both of these ladies combined. How do I tell these ladies to shut up and leave me alone without coming off as a rude bitch?



My advise to you would be to ignore them as long as they are gossiping among themselves. However,



My Boyfriend Has A Very Feminine Side

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I think my boyfriend is gay...and he just doesnt know it yet. There are many things that cause me to believe this. He picked white and baby blue for our prom colors only because he wanted his eyes to look good. In school he dots all of his i's with hearts, even on his drivers lisence. One day he came to school and looked really tired. So I asked him why, and he said that he had stayed up until four in the morning watching a hannah montana marathon. He was serious. He also admits to crying in The notebook, and he can dance like a girl. Like he can pop lock and drop it. And he likes everyone to know. He also dresses really well for a guy. Please help me.


Help you? Help you do what? You say you "think" he's gay and even he doesn't know it yet. Have you even considered asking him point blank instead of just assuming? Having and acting on feminine qualities do not automatically make


Baseball Chick Clicks

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Dear Delores,

I have a 13 year old whom I fianally got to join softball for Sulphur Springs. She is from North Hopkins and was put on a team of SS girls all in a little click laughing at the other couple of non clicks, putting them down etc., well thus now my granddaughter, who has a very low self esteem, came home all upset crying stating she can't play her very first time of playing on this team. I called and reported it this is what I have gotten so far well we already picked teams etc., we can't change them. What the heck? I paid my money for her self esteem to build up, not be completely torn away. These baseball teams need some kind of adjustments to fit the parents and kids expectations. What could we do next? I don't want to send her into that kind of snob better than you team.

Concerned Grandmother


Dear Concerned,

You paid money for your granddaughter to play ball, not have some strangers "build" her self esteem. Get real! If you teach your granddaughter that it is up to others to "build" her self esteem she'll never get anywhere in life. It's up to her and her alone. Yes, snobs like this can hurt your feelings and they can be very cold,


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