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The Real Housewives left me sick

real_housewives_orange_counAfter last Tuesday nights episode of Real Housewives I was completely distraught.  How could I go to sleep after that??  At the very end of the show, they did a tribute to Lauri; and the whole time it is playing, I’m thinking “Why are they doing that… It is not the Season Finale. What is going on?”…..


The Hollywood Rundown Dec, 8, 2008

The Latest Hollywood Rundown



1) Heidi Montag’s mom gives her daughters marriage to Spencer Pratt “six months”. Six months?? I was thinking 3 months tops. The couple blew off Thanksgiving to go elope. I’m thinking this is more of a publicity stunt than anything. Her reunion with Lauren Conrad is a thing of the past and so she had to move onto something else to draw attention to herself. Who cares if they got married and what their plans for the future are.
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