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The Bachelor

Why do we watch a show in which men and women set themselves up for rejection?  Falling in love is risky, but what makes it even riskier to fall in love with someone that ten other people have fallen in love with and in front of everyone across the nation.


Best Repeat Characters

The Seinfeld series was unique when it came to interweaving characters into scripts for seasons at a time without interrupting the focus between the four main characters. We earlier listed the top 10 One Episode Wonders, now we'll list the top 10 Repeat Characters. These are the characters who were in more than one or two episodes.


Memorable Seinfeld Characters

The other day while watching a Seinfeld re-run in which Jerry forgot to turn in a  library book 20 years ago, it occured to me that Mr. Bookman was one of the great "one episode wonders" of the comedy series. So, in that respect, here are the top 10 One Episode Wonders of Seinfeld (some characters had a brief appearance in a second episode).


Who is Carrie dating now?

I don't know which Carrie Underwood has had more of: Billboard hits or boyfriends! And of course she had to start 2009 off with a new one. 


Best/Worst of 2008

Now that the end of the year is upon you can expect more and more Best/Worst of 2008 lists!  Don't you just love this time of year.

Right now I have the best/worst Hollywood couples of 2008 from Hollywood.com.  This is a long (and detailed) one, so get ready...

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