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Top 10 Sports Movies

It's a funny thing about sports movies -- the most popular sports make for some of the worst movies. If you don't think so, then name a half-dozen great football movies. How about basketball? You won't ever get there.

Horse racing and boxing, though, make wonderful films. So, to that end, here are my Top 10 sports films:

1. Chariots of Fire (It won Best Picture in 1981 for a reason)

2. Million Dollar Baby (Best Picture of 2004)

3. Hoosiers (inspired by the true story of Milan, Ind.)

4.Caddyshack (It would also be top 10 in comedies)

5. Rocky (The original was greatness before the shabby sequels made the movies a joke)

6. Field of Dreams (For once, the movie is better than the written story)

7. Major League

8. For Love of the Game (another Costner film)

9. Remember the Titans

10. Bull Durham

Note I: Worst sports movie ever made that does not star a chmimpanzee -- The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh.

Note II: AFI's Top 10: 1. Raging Bull; 2. Rocky; 3. Pride of the Yankees; 4. Hoosiers; 5. Bull Durham; 6. The Hustler; 7. Caddyshack; 8. Breaking Away; 9. National Velvet; 10. Jerry Maguire.



Top 10 Westerns

The Western movies peaked in the 50s and 60s, but recently made a comeback with Clint Eastwood an Kevin Costner tackling them. The American Film Institute ranked its Top 10 Westerns of all time.

There is a note: The Alamo was listed as an Epic, not just a Western, and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is not an American film, so it could not be lised.

Here are my favorites:


Top 10 Romantic Comedies

The Top 10 Romantic Comedies of all time (remember, they have to be made in America) is one of the toughest categories for men to rate, I would imagine. Our idea of romance is probably different than women's.

However, we do like the comedies.


Top 10 Epic Movies

The AFI (American Film Institute) recently revealed its 10 Top 10 movies, in other words the top 10 movies in 10 different categories. You could say I disagreed somewhat with their list.


Tom Hanks Rules

Who would have thought back when Bosom Buddies was on TV in the '80s that Tom Hanks would end up being one of the most respected and influential actors in Hollywood? He has two movies coming out in 2009 that he stars in and another that he produced. So, let's look at the 10 best movies of his career.

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