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Hollywood Happenings

Star Trek is coming soon...

OK, who out there is as excited as we are? Come on it is safe to admit when you are a Trekkie. Heck, who doesn't love William Shatner. See Captain Kirk's reaction to the new Star Trek...


One hot Drag Queen

Okay - I knew there was something a little peculiar about American Idol's, Adam Lambert but I never thought that I would be seeing pictures of him floating around the internet. He has been photographed making out with another guy and pictures of him in women's clothing.  But what is sad is that he makes a better woman than a man.


Reality T.V. might be taking over so get over it!

One look at my DVR and you would know that I’m a huge fan of reality TV.  There is nothing better than watching other people make complete fools of themselves and it wasn’t part of a script.  Granted some of the shows are completely unrealistic and staged but that is what makes it fun. 


Top 10 Mysteries

The mystery genre in film is a little hard to identify because some movies have a twist at the end that makes them mysteries while other play out more like dramas.
However, a good mystery leaves little doubt as to what it is. So with that in mind, here are my Top 10 American-made mysteries, as well as those deemed Top 10 material by the American Film Institute.


The Bachelor is a SCUMBAG!

Was it necessary to go on National TV to break off the 6 week engagement? Why not do it secretly like all the other bachelors and bachelorettes have done?  So many questions need to be answered. Maybe we will get our answers tonight in the After the Final Rose, Part 2. No matter what, Jason is still a jerk and Molly deserves him.



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