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Hollywood Happenings

SciFi is now SyFy

I am sure most can tell by now that I follow the lines of the science fiction shows, not all but some. Since SciFi has changed formatting to SyFy a new show, Warehouse 13, has premiered.


Famous TV couples, how many do you know?

Famous Television Couples
A look at love on the small screen…
Fill in as many of the couple’s first names as you can in five minutes.


Calling all desperate housewives...

OK, I know you are out there! Don't even try to deny it. Desperate Housewives is the soap opera for night owls. I am officially hooked. Don't try calling me on Sunday nights, because I won't answer.


Hollywood Happenings is back......

Where do I start?  Jon and Kate, Kim and Reggie, Tony and Jess, or the ump-teen tv shows that I'm addicted to this summer?  This summer has been quite eventful and I can't wait to get back into the groove of blogging about all the entertainment drama. 

Tonight I have to sit down and catch up on all the shows that I have missed this week. So check back tomorrow for the hollywood happenings ! 

Leave Jon Gosselin alone!!!

It is absolutely pathetic that a 32 yr. old can't seem to go out and have a  drink without the tabloids turning it into something it is not.  This man has a family of 8 rugrats under the age 8, he doesn't have time for a secret life.   I'm sure it is not often that either Jon or Kate get to go out and see the life outside their little reality show. TABLOIDS:  LEAVE THIS FAMILY ALONE, they have enough to worry about. 



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