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Valentine Arts and Crafts

Valentine Roses
Children make a bouquet of roses to give to loved ones during this month of love, February or Valentine's Day.

Suggested for ages 4-8
Red or Pink Tissue Papers                Hole punch
Green Pipe Cleaners                           Greeting Card Paper                             
Ribbon                                                     Markers

What to do:
Cut tissue paper into 2 inch wide strips, 18 inches long. Have children roll tissue paper strips lightly to form a rose. Then pinch the bottom of the roll to make the rose bottom. Take the green pipe cleaners and twist them around the pinched portion of the paper. Have children make as many as they like for that special loved one(s). After all the roses are completed, take another flat, whole piece of tissue paper and wrap it around the bunch of roses.
Tie it with the ribbon. Use the hole punch to make a hole in the card to string the ribbon on the bunch of roses to attach the card.
Final step, ready to give!



Walking through a winter wonderland

Well, it may not look like a winter wonderland around Sulphur Springs but it sure does feel like it with the temperatures dropping more each evening. With this time of the year always being so busy, I have had a hard time finding time to get into the holiday spirit until Friday night. It was almost as if Santa himself was tiptoeing on our rooftop, our children were just so excited.


Breast Milk on Craigslist!

Now I can truly say I have heard it all. Breast Milk for sale on Craigslist! Really? Yes, really. Some woman (actually her husband) is selling frozen human breast milk for 25 cents an ounce.


Trick OR Treat?

Well, that famous spooky holiday—Halloween—has come and gone. And I am so glad.


Give grace to Mommy…

Well, after battling with every other symptom but the flu with our four kids these past few weeks, I have to give grace to all the other moms (and dads alike) that have been affected by what comes with the season.


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