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Mount Vernon Music: Mastery in Motion

This afternoon, as if on cue, the sun went behind a cloud and the light streaming through the beautiful stained glass windows at Mount Vernon Music dimmed. It was the perfect beginning of a lovely afternoon of chamber music.


Whassup with this? George Steel to leave Dallas Opera after only 4 months

 Talk about a brief visit.


Simply Sinatra: Steve Lippia brings tribute to North and East Texas

As much as I loved the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Ricky Nelson, I was a little different from other girls my age ... my first love was Frank Sinatra.


37 years is a long time to wait

altI fell in love with Willis Alan Ramsey, Jerry Jeff Walker and Jimmy Buffett at the beginning of their careers. They were pals and played the bars up and down Greenville Avenue in Dallas. I even hung with them sometimes. 

Superstars of Dance: As flat as the host's style

Am I the only one out here that thinks Michael Flatley's Superstars of Dance (NBC) is painful to watch?


Any Miles Davis fans out there?

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I don't know how I can call myself an arts editor. Until today, I didn't have a copy of "Kind of Blue," one of jazz trumpet great Miles Davis' signature albums and a standard in the world of improv.


Set your TiVos and DVRs for a new Christmas classic - The San Francisco Ballet's production of "The Nutcracker"

One of the Christmas traditions in my family is to watch "The Nutcracker" on PBS, usually on Christmas Eve. For about 30 years, we've been watching the Mikhail Baryshnikov - Gelsey Kirkland performance. I think it was filmed in the late 70s, when "Mishi" was in his prime and Kirkland was just a wisp of a girl. (Her autobiography, "Dancing on My Grave," details her battles with anorexia and cocaine addiction.)


Down River: A new Southern voice

The friend who recommended John Hart's "Down River" said he reminded her of Pat Conroy. While Hart delivers a nice gothic murder mystery, complete with a complicated family history we've come to expect from Southern novelists, Hart's efforts don't measure up to Conroy's superior storytelling skills. I've think I've read everything Conroy has written (save the cookbook he did a while back), and I can say with some authority that John Hart is no Pat Conroy. That doesn' mean "Down River" is not a good book. I liked Hart's characters and family connections, but he has a way to go before he can stand with Conroy as a great writer.


The Bat's revenge


"Die Fledermaus" might be the story about a bat, but Johann Strauss's opera has

'White Christmas' comes to Civic Center

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My practically perfect spouse and I just got home from seeing the Northeast Texas Choral Society's "White Christmas." It was his first NECTS program, but it won't be his last. He thought the show was outstanding - and he was right.

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