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A retiring Raven, rich Owl and lucky Ducky

Scattershooting through fowls and fouls in the animal kingdom located in the world of sports


Penn State coach is staying, for now

    Penn State has been through issues for a while now. Dealing with problems and trying to win a few football games.
    Now they have a coach who appears to be playing both ends toward the middle.


This is What You Get

When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, their Thanksgiving Day turkey of a game is what you get.

You can be assured of a few things when it comes to the Cowboys:


Big George Hincapie is a hero in my book - dope or no dope

Just so there is no confusion. I think Big George Hincapie, all 6' 3" of him, is a god when he puts on a cycling kit and steps into the pedals. For seven years, he was Lance Armstrong's lieutentant at the Tour de France, riding out in front in the flat stages, protecting him from crashes, pulling him up mountain after mountain, so Armstrong could be free to fly to the finish.


Kerry Wood walks off into the sunset

It's a shame all sports heroes don't get the end their careers like Kerry Wood.


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