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Cowboys coaching merry-go-round

So Wade Phillips is out and Jason Garrett is in as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

What will that prove?

They still have Jerry Jones as the GM and meddling owner.

If I were Garrett, I would have refused to be the captain of the sinking ship. Not halfway through the year,

not the way they are playing, not with Romo hurt. Garrett would have to be a miracle worker to get this group to go 4-4.

Then Garrett is probably auditioning for a job with another franchise.

What will fix the Cowboys probably won't happen. They need Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher, a strong-willed coach with spirit and enthusiasm.

That kind of guy won't work for meddling Jerry. Not unless Jerry dishes out lots of $$ and promises to change. Fat chance.

So Cowboy fans have to keep watching this train wreck again and again.

Wade, well Wade, got the easy way out. He gets to go home with the rest of his $3 mil salary in his hip pocket.



Wildcats prepare for Royse City

The rain early in the week played havoc with football practice as the Wildcats began "beat Royse City" week.



Sulphur Springs beats T High blog

What a fun Senior Night for all involved as the Wildcats beat Texas High and send the Tigers packing back up that long, lonesome I-30 back home with a loss. Sulphur Springs won 52-40 - a fitting final home game of the year.



Don't worry, Rangers will win

Don't worry, be happy. Watch the World Series and have fun. Relax, the Rangers will win it.



Sulphur Springs prepares to T High blog

What a wonderful day in the neighborhood. Clear skies and temperature around 80 degrees from Tuesday's practice.


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