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Andrew Wallace adopts flag retirement project as final requirement for Eagle Scout

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It’s not uncommon to drive through Hopkins County and see many flags proudly displayed in front of residences and businesses. But flags, unfortunately, don’t last forever. Like everything else, they too suffer ill effects of sunlight, winds and weather.



Grant application to repair damaged county roads gets approval

An application seeking $350,000 in block grants was approved by Hopkins County Commissioners in their regular meeting Monday.


Dairy group’s new leader meets with local milk producers, sees some relief in prices coming this year

Alas, poor dairy farmers, they knew you well. But they come not to bury you, but to praise you. Perhaps it’s inappropriate tocompare the Hopkins County dairy industry to a Shakespearian tragedy. The tenor of today’s milk markets more resembles a modern anti-morality play, one where hard work and diligence is paid off with crushing debt and a bleak outlook for the future.


‘Educator of the Year’ retiring after more than 30 years in the classroom

Some might say that education is in her blood, and after more than 30 years and thousands of students, most would agree Patricia "Trish" Elliott was meant to teach.


Great Chili Cook-Off set in Mount Vernon for April 24

The third annual Great Chili Cook-Off, benefitting the Alamo Mission Museum in Mount Vernon, will be Saturday, April 24, at the museum, located at 1714 County Road 4105 SE.

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