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Five candidates signed up for three spots on CPCISD board

Como-Pickton Consolidated School District now has five candidates — all three incumbents and two challengers — vying for three full-term seats on the school board .


Election: Two candidates file for Yantis ISD school board

A week into the filing period, Yantis Independent School District has had two candidates file for a place on the May 6 trustees ballot in Yantis.


Early bird registration for Tanner Higgins Warrior Run ends Feb. 5

Registration has begun for the 5th Annual Tanner Higgins Warrior Run, held in honor of the U.S. Army Ranger killed in Afghanistan on April 14, 2012. This year’s event will be held Saturday, April 8, at Cooper Lake State Park’s South Sulphur Unit.


Senior Citizen Center offering many upcoming programs

Many volunteers work hard alongside program director Karon Weatherman to provide a number of activities for adults ages 50 and older at the Senior Citizens Center.


Work starts Saturday to replace courthouse roof

A shortage of parking spaces and the potential for traffic issues around Hopkins County Courthouse can be expected for the next several months as work starts to completely replace the roof on the historic structure.

Just when everyone inside and outside of the courthouse was getting accustomed to the absence of construction, almost adequate parking and fairly smooth traffic flow around the square, County Judge Robert Newsom said Wednesday morning the roof project is a top priority.

“The courthouse roof is going to have to be replaced,” he said. “It is in desperate need of that. The insurance company has agreed to do it, and it starts this weekend.”

This project is going to make it a little harder to get around the courthouse at times because of the stockpile of supplies and the necessary equipment to provide access to the top of the building.

“The contractor has agreed to do a lot of the work on weekends and at night as much as possible, and to work around the judges and people as best they can,” Newsom said. “It's going to be a bother for about two to three months.”

Replacing the courthouse roof is much different than the roof on a house or commercial building because of the steep slopes involved, as well as the roofing material that will be used.

“They are replacing it with the original slate that we wanted to use,” the judge said. “We've got a synthetic right now. The new slate is going to be so much better for the roof and for the courthouse, but it is just going to be a pain getting there. We are just going to have to be ready for it.”

Newsom said that insurance would pay the bulk of the cost, but there is a $10,000 deductible, and he expects some additional costs with the project.

“We know there is going to be some wood under there and some other problems that we are going to see when we get it uncovered,” Newsom said. “That will all have to be done, so we will be doing that along with the roof. There will be some costs to the county that aren't covered by insurance, but the majority of it is. It's been a big blessing that the insurance company finally came through and covered this damage.”

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