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Hopkins County ‘In God We Trust’ National slogan adopted by commissioners as county motto

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Hopkins County Commissioners Court began Monday morning's business meeting with the acceptance of a donation from Judge Robert Newsom of a seal proclaiming “In God We Trust.” The resolution approved by commissioners said the words have been used since shortly after the end of World War II. Newsom said the action makes the motto special to Hopkins County. “It's been the national motto since 1956, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower saw the need to recognize what was already recognized back in 1864 when it was placed on our coins,” Newsom said. “Today, we simply recognize what was already part of the United States for well over 150 years.” Occasionally, atheist and freedom-from-religion groups have challenged symbols such as this being attached to public buildings with protests and legal action. Newsom said he did not anticipate any opposition to the seal at this time. “It is the national motto, however, I am not going to put anything past anybody,” he said. “I did advise the commissioners ahead of time that if we decide to go ahead and go with making this our county motto, we might face a lawsuit some day. They said, 'Well, people frequently choose to sue the commissioners and the county of Hopkins anyway,' and they would rather be sued for this than any of those other things we frequently get sued for by prisoners and other people that are at odds with the county. They decided to go ahead and it was a unanimous vote.” The court then gave approval to a plan submitted by the district clerk's office for the funding and restoration of the records archives. Approval was also given for the use of some of the funds in the county's Energy Transportation Reinvestment Zone Increment Fund in Precinct 1. Although the legality of the use of the grant funds by other counties has been brought into question, county commissioners were told Texas Association of Counties legal counsel Jim Allison had approved the local plan. Recognition was given to Jim Dial, the county's environmental officer, for fulfilling requirements in accordance with state law for the On-Site Sewage Facility designated representative for the county. Approval was also given to a nuisance abatement policy for the county. The nuisance policy will enable the county to better deal with issues such as old tires and safety and health issues. Newsom told commissioners that regular informational-type workshop meetings will be scheduled each Wednesday afternoon for updates on the jail construction that will continue for the duration of the construction project.

SchoolReach broadcast system comes to SBISD

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    Sulphur Bluff Independent School District got more high tech in its efforts to keep parents informed and expand types of shop projects students can create this year.


Saltillo Community Homecoming set Sunday, Oct. 12

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    Saltillo Community Homecoming will begin at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 12, in the Saltillo school cafetorium, 150 County Road 3534. This year’s event will feature visiting with friends and new acquaintances, highlight the class of 1964 and a program presented by KSST personality Enola Gay Mathews.


To God Be The Glory - Christian artist Cassie Edwards ready to share gifts

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Cassie Edwards has decided to take her light out from under a bushel. For years, local churches have known about her musical gifts, but modesty prevented her from “going public.” Now, she’s willing to talk about her talent and the two albums that came from reading her Bible and listening to God.


Don't Do That Again

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“Over the River and Through the Woods” main character Nick Cristano, played by Kenneth Batterton (standing), lectures both sets of grandparents, Nunzio and Emma Cristano (Bill and Beverly Owens) and Aida and Frank Gianelli (Sheila Armstrong and John D’Avignon), for setting him up on a blind date. See more on the adventures of Cristano, a marketing director, at Main Street Theatre’s performances Sept. 18-20 and Sept. 25-27, at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 21. at 2 p.m.

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