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U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall OK after health 'scare' at Mt. Pleasant country club

Congressman Ralph Hall said Wednesday afternoon he's doing fine after a high blood pressure incident Tuesday at the Mount Pleasant Country Club resulted in an ambulance being called for him.
Hall recovered quickly enough that he didn't need any medical care and he went ahead and gave a 30-minute talk as planned to the Titus County Republican Club.
Hall said he recently started a new blood pressure medicine, and while eating dinner bent down to pick up something he had dropped. "That must have sent my head swimming," he said. "They said I looked like I was going to faint."
A guest called for an ambulance. Hall said personnel checked his blood pressure - which was high - but he recovered quickly and finished out the evening as planned.
Hall said Wednesday he felt fine and it was "full steam ahead" at he kept his schedule of Veterans Day events, speaking in Wylie in the morning, Sherman at mid-day and Bonham in the afternoon.
After the event in Bonham, on the way back home to Rockwall, he said in his car by cell phone that he would visit his doctor, to be safe, and would probably check in every day while he was home during the current Congressional break.
At 85, Hall is the oldest member of the U.S. House of Representative. He said his most recent medical check-ups have shown he has the "heart of a 30-year old" - ("I wish they would tell me that about the rest of my body") - but he's dealing with high blood pressure and cholesterol.

A recent change in medicine probably contributed to the light-headedness. He said he is thankful for the people who were concerned about him, but he's back to normal.

No child left behind:Parents of SSHS Choir students determined that all get to sing at upcoming NBA game in San Antonio

When students in the Sulphur Springs High School Choir found out they’d been invited to perform at a San Antonio Spurs game in March, most had reason to be ecstatic they were getting a chance to perform in front of ESPN’s cameras. At the same time there was cause for distress among a dozen or so who knew their families couldn’t afford the $300 it would cost to make the trip. But like soldiers in wartime, the parents of their songmates refuse to leave a single comrade behind.


Three people jailed Friday for ‘intent to sell’ alcohol

Three people were jailed Friday morning after a bust at their Nicholson Street homes revealed they’d been selling alcohol without a license. One other person is being sought in connection with the cases.


North Hopkins VFD slates benefit supper Sat.

North Hopkins Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting a benefit supper Saturday at the station to help raise money for departmental needs.


This year’s sales tax rebates expectedto show a decline from 2008

Sales tax rebates in Sulphur Springs appear destined in 2009 to fall below the 12-month total for the previous year, judging from the latest totals issued by the state comptroller’s office.

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