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Home burglar caught in SS

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An alert deputy on his way home from work Friday night is credited with catching a burglar leaving a home he’d just taken items from, sheriff’s officers said Saturday. 


At least 30 people indicted by Grand Jury

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The Hopkins County Grand Jury returned more than 40 indictments against at least 30 people during the March 4 session. Half a dozen individuals were charged with more than one offense, and in some offenses, more than one defendant was named as participating.


Family dog suspected in death of 78-year-old woman

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Family members made a gruesome discovery late Thursday when they went to check on a relative at her home in the 1000 block of North Davis Street. Sulphur Springs Police Chief Jay Sanders said the family found the body of 78-year-old Betty Wood in the home just before 7 p.m. Thursday. “It appears, after the initial investigation, that her dog, a very large Rottweiler, attacked her for some reason. We don't know why,” Sanders said. “She died from the injuries she received from the dog.” Sanders emphasized the suspected cause of death was tentative. “We will have to wait on the medical examiner just to get a confirmation,” he said. “There is absolutely nothing at the scene that would indicate anything other than the dog.” The police chief said the Rottweiler has been placed in quarantine until the cause of death is determined. “If it was the dog, the dog will, of course, have to be put down,” Sanders said. Funeral arrangements for Betty Wood are pending with Murray-Orwosky Funeral Home.

Pallet tracks lead to arrest

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All the victim of a burglary had to do Wednesday afternoon was follow the tracks to where the burglar had taken his property. The stolen property, a brand new 350 Chevrolet engine, was still on the shipping pallet when the thief dragged it away, literally. “The 350-cubic inch Chevrolet motor had been dragged down the highway and down into the city of Como,” Hopkins County Chief Sheriff's Investigator Lewis Tatum said. “It isn't hard to track a pallet being drug.” Tatum said the first deputies to arrive at the scene immediately called him, but before he could arrive, the the victim had already followed the tracks to where the motor had been taken. After getting consent from the land owner to search a shop building, deputies recovered the stolen engine and learned how the motor had gotten there. Deputies were able to learn who had taken the motor and went to another location in Como and made an arrest. Walt Anthony Hux, 51, of Como was arrested on charges of burglary of a building. Bond for Hux was set at $10,000 on the felony offense.

Retail sales continue strong in Northeast Texas

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Retail sales, as reflected in the monthly sales tax report from the state comptrollers office, continues to grow albeit at a slower rate than the previous month in Hopkins County and its cities. For Hopkins County, the increase in sales tax receipts was up 0.54 percent for January sales. The county received $131,953 for the period, which brings the year-to-date sales tax receipts to $491,729, an increase of just more than 10 percent over the same period last year. In the city of Sulphur Springs, retail sales grew by only 3 percent in January. The city received $351,046.90 in sales tax revenues, which brings the total for this year to $1,298,000, up from the $1,218,388 at the same time in 2014, an increase for the year of 6.33 percent. Como took a big hit, a 38.24 percent drop in sales tax revenues, in January. Como received $2,719 in sales tax to bring the year-to-date total to $9,314. For the year, the city is down almost 15 percent when compared with the first month of 2014. Cumby also saw a decrease, 6.6 percent, as reflected in sales tax dollars. The city received $7,448 to bring the year's total to $27,904 for an overall increase of 3.25 percent over last year. In Hunt County, Greenville realized a 5.6 percent increase, while Commerce was down 18.5 percent in retail sales in the first month of the year. Comparing this year with last year, Greenville is 7 percent ahead of 2014 and Commerce follows closely with a 6.5 percent increase from the previous year. Cooper received $6,844 in sales taxes collected in January, up a single percentage point over last year. So far for 2015, Cooper has received $101,207 for a 1.37 increase over last year. Around Northrast Texas, Mount Vernon had a 9.5 percent over last year and, in year to date receipts, is up 6.2 percent over 2015. Mount Pleasant was up 5.56 percent in retail sales in January and 6.9 percent over last year. Based on sales tax revenues, Paris was the retail growth leader in the area with a 29.28 percent jump in January, which brings the year-to-date increase to 12.8 percent ahead of 2014. In Wood County, Winnsboro received $70,957 in sales tax revenue, an increase of almost 12 percent in January, bringing the yearly growth in retail sales to 16 percent. Yantis saw an increase of 5 percent in the sales tax revenue for January and a 1.19 percent increase over the previous year. Quitman, however, was down 15.6 percent in January sales and up less than one percent over last year. Retail sales, along with sales tax revenue, in Emory was up from January by 7.4 percent, while the year to date figures show a drop of almost 4 percent from the same time last year. The sales tax revenue is for sales in January and reported in February.

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