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A Brick Wall

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S&S (Santacruz and Santacruz) Roofing and Remodeling gets ready to apply new grout to three buildings on Main Street near downtown in order to increase the stability of their outer walls Wednesday. Downtown business owners are taking preemptive steps after two buildings have experienced structural failure this year. Currently, no one has been injured in the building collapses. Staff Photo Jon Lance

New City Hall site of 100th anniversary

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Original post office opened in 1914

A celebration to mark the 100th anniversary of the former post office and the new Sulphur Springs City Hall is set for 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 15, on the front steps of the historic building at 201 North Davis St.
    The new City Hall building, opened originally as a post office July 15, 1914, became the city's public library after the post office moved to its current location on Church Street.
    Following the completion of the city's new library in 2000, the historic building sat vacant and derelict until 2012, when the city undertook a project to restore the structure to its original grandeur, restoring the building to its original appearance both inside and out, according to City Manager Marc Maxwell.
    “We wanted to go back to the original floor plan, which is not a whole lot different than it is now except that the mezzanine that was added in the 1960s for the children's reading area upstairs,” City Manager Marc Maxwell said. “If you take out the mezzanine, you have this central grand room that is a great council chambers as well as municipal courtroom.”
    Along with the restoration of the historic building, the city added a new section and plaza behind the main facility.
    The new City Hall houses the city manager's office, community development offices, planning offices and municipal court.
    The celebration will be held on the steps of City Hall, starting at 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 15.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving East Texas donates 2 breathalyzers to SSPD

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Sulphur Springs Police Department Tuesday was armed with two additional tools to aid them in detection of drunk driving; Mothers Against Drunk Driving East Texas obtained the portable breathalyzers utilizing a portion of the funds raised during the inaugural fundraising walk.


60 indictments handed down by Grand Jury in June

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A Hopkins County Grand Jury during the June 16 session signed approximately 60 indictments against about 50 people, according information released last week by the 8th Judicial District Attorney’s Office. In some instances individuals were named in more than one indictment; in others, more than one individual was named as participating in the same offense.


For Hospital Kids

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For Hospital Kids 
By Jon Lance 
News-Telegram Photographer
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
On Tuesday afternoon, 6-year-old Phoebe Carmody and her family donated more than 90 bags filled with toys for kids at Hopkins County Memorial Hospital. 
The Carmody family started the organization Phoebe’s Friends in honor Phoebe, who is currently battling leukemia as well as to thank the community for the support. Since Phoebe was diagnosed, Hopkins County residents have helped Phoebe’s family by holding fundraisers, selling yard signs and their prayers. 
Now the Carmody family has decided to help other children who are at the hospital by donating bags stuffed with coloring books and a toy.  
“The toys are for anyone at the hospital, not just the children being treated. If a mother or father is in the hospital, we want to provide their children with something that will help them through difficult times,” said Phoebe’s mother, Kelly Carmody.
The Carmody family has also taken the gift bag idea to the next level by letting local children stuff the bags with items they would like to play with at home. 
  “We had a great group of women and their children volunteer to make these gift bags,” continued Kelly, “the children that stuffed the bags would, for example, put one particular toy car with their favorite coloring book and crayons. Each bag was made by kids for kids.” 
Above all the Carmody family believes this program is needed around the community but especially in Hopkins County. The items don’t have to be expensive, just little items that distract the children in troubling times. 
“Local organizations have already contacted us about giving donations,” said Kelly.
The Carmody family wants to grow their organization Phoebe’s Friends. Once the organization continually has enough bags to supply Hopkins County Memorial Hospital, the Carmody family wants to spread the idea to smaller local communities around the area. 
“Right now, this program has taken off to a great start,” Kelly stated. “We started off with our family making 20 gift bags and now we have close to 90 bags. This is our second trip donating to the hospital.” 
To contact Phoebe’s Friends email Kelly Carmody at butlerhillboutique.com
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