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Airline apologizes for losing girl

BOSTON (AP) — Continental Airlines is apologizing for sending a 10-year-old Massachusetts girl flying unaccompanied to the wrong destination, setting off a panic among her family.


AP: Weak security opens door to credit card hacks

Every time you swipe your credit card and wait for the transaction to be approved, sensitive data including your name and account number are ferried from store to bank through computer networks, each step a potential opening for hackers.

And while you may take steps to protect yourself against identity theft, an Associated Press investigation has found the banks and other companies that handle your information are not being nearly as cautious as they could.


Airline passengers could get a 1-2-3 punch

ATLANTA (AP) — Corporate travel and ticket sales of premium seats are down. Overall demand is weak. And fuel prices are rising — again. The one-two-three punch could be bad news for consumers this fall, as U.S. airlines face pressure to raise fares or cut more capacity to cover their costs.


Southwest CEO says June looking worse than May

DALLAS (AP) — The chief executive of Southwest Airlines said Thursday that June looks weaker than May, judging by a key measure of revenue, and he doesn't yet see signs of a turnaround.


FAA to inspect pilot training at regional airlines

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal officials said Tuesday they will beef up inspection of pilot training programs at regional airlines in response to safety concerns raised by the crash of a regional airliner in New York in February.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Federal Aviation Administrator Randy Babbitt said in a statement they will also hold a meeting with the airline industry — both regional and major carriers — next week to seek better pilot training, cockpit discipline and other safety improvements.

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