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Reilly Springs News for April 21, 2010

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It’s been a great spring week in Reilly Springs. We received a little bit of needed moisture to freshen up the gardens, lawns and pastures, and the weather, although a little bit cool on Sunday and Monday, has been spring-like and comfortable. It’s hard not to enjoy springtime in Northeast Texas with azaleas, irises and about any kind of flowering plant blooming.

Folks enjoyed a great music show Saturday night at the Reilly Springs Jamboree as music flowed from the stage and talent abounded. A large crowd of community residents and folks from all across the region came together and enjoyed the Roger Reed Sunshine Band (Roger Reed, Rickey Rainey, Jerry Knight, Tommy Peugh, Hugh Blair, Hanna Kirby, Brian Reed, Brandon Reed, and Joe Clark), and guest appearances by Jemma Murray Jacobs, Devon and Jesse Ibarra, Kirk Reames and John Culpepper. Enola Gay ended Saturday night’s show with a gospel request and promised an even greater show on May 15.

“We’re planning a great show for May so that folks can attend the show on Saturday night before Reilly Springs Memorial Day services on Sunday,” said Enola.

Speaking of the Reilly Springs Memorial Day Service planned for Sunday, May 16th, this year’s committee, — Joyce McDonald, Leslie McCullough, Teresa Morton, Wanda Alkire and Artie Mae Bailey — have already been discussing the program and plan to meet next week for a final list of those appearing on the program. They are open for suggestions, so if you know of someone who would be an outstanding speaker or possibly share their musical talents on the program, contact one of these committee members and offer your help and suggestions.

Artie Mae reminded me that the Reilly Springs Community Center is a great place to host your family reunions, wedding showers, baby showers, or any occasion. There’s plenty of room, a kitchen, and all the amenities that you will need, and the rental fees are reasonable. Give Artie Mae or Kerry a call to make your reservations. All of the rental fees go to the maintenance of the building and grounds and allows for us to have the center to enjoy in our community.

I visited with Kenni Jo Wallace for a few minutes Saturday night, and caught up on what all is happening in his world. Word is that we may need to protect Heather, Sandi and Kendra. It seems these three women have been a little bit rowdy lately, and almost “got in trouble” at baseball game. Give Sandi a call to get the details.

Of course, Kenni and Sandi are concerned about all the construction on the downtown square in Sulphur Springs, as their Plain and Fancy Sandwich Shoppe is located “in the heart of the construction zone.” Make an effort to support the businesses that are affected by the construction to help them stay in business during this phase of our community. They still need the patrons, despite all the construction.

Sympathy is extended to the Delores Miller family this week on the death of her brother, Ray Norton. Ray, a frequent visitor back home to Yantis and Reilly Springs, passed away in Mathis, Texas. Services were held on Saturday. Delores, Yvonne and Roy King, Jerry and Phyllis Miller, and Paula Webb, all traveled to South Texas in Jerry’s motor home for the funeral. “If there is such a thing as having an enjoyable trip going to a funeral, we had it,” Yvonne said. “We all had the opportunity to visit with one another and reminisce about all the fond memories we had of Uncle Ray and remembered things that we hadn’t thought about in years. I highly recommend that mode of traveling with family.”

Yvonne advised that she and Roy had the grandkids much of last week and had a great time entertaining them, as well.

I visited with Vera Harrington a few minutes this week. She’s been busy with chores around the dairy and was working on some of her projects that springtime brings to the farming lifestyle. She’d visited with the granddaughters in Waxahachie and reported some of their many activities keeping them busy. Vera commented on just how busy it seems that it gets in the springtime with so many activities for everyone. “School will be out and we’ll be in the heart of summer before you turn around,” exclaimed Vera. “We’ll be baling hay before you know it.”

I talked to Blake Fisher this week, and he advised that, like everyone else, they were busy with springtime chores. J.R. was working on getting plants put out in the garden and fields and had everyone searching for equipment and helping get the ground prepared. Bryant had called looking for a small disc this week so that they could plow down some rows in one of the fields. “It will be time to start planting peas before you know it,” advised Bryant. “Even though we’ve had some cool weather this week, I think we can safely say the danger of frost is past, and we can get the plants established safely outside.”

Have you got your tomato plants established? All of us know that there is nothing more pleasing than to slice those Homestead, Better Boy, or other varieties of tomatoes come summertime.

I saw Randy and Sheila Koon on Sunday, and Randy is doing much better following back surgery. He’s back on the mend and itching to get back in his huge garden that he undertakes every year. “We’re having to watch him or he’ll sneak off to the garden,” exclaimed Sheila. “He is anxious to make certain the weeds aren’t overtaking his onions, corn and other varieties.”

Rhandi Fails called and advised that she, Debra, Alexis, and Case all met family at Oak Valley on Friday night to celebrate Kelley Perry’s birthday. Kelley’s like the rest of us — she doesn’t much want to advertise which birthday it is, but happy birthday to her.

David and Brayden Stribling skipped the birthday celebration and chose to go to a “buck-out” in Oklahoma.

On Saturday night, Baylee Gilbreath spent the night with the Striblings and Fails. and everyone attended church on Sunday at The Way Bible Church to see Brayden Stribling be baptized. This was a great event for the entire family.

I still haven’t heard from Mary Koon. She must be taking over Randy’s place in the garden while he’s down. We need her to identify some of the photos that we were given from the Reilly Springs School. Kory Koon and I were looking at them and Mary was easily identified in them, but we don’t know most of the others. We’ll catch up with Mary and let you know who all are included in these photographs when we get a chance.

I got my “save the date” card in the mail this week for Blake and Kendra’s wedding on July 31, so, you know what they both are doing right about now. Wedding plans are in full force, and it won’t be long before that great event.

In August, shortly after Blake and Kendra’s wedding, Danny and Shannon Lawrence will be welcoming the arrival of their daughter, and just a week later, Slade and Kendra Daniels will be welcoming a son. Then, the Randy and Sheila Koon family have big events planned in both September and November; details will follow.

Until next week, continue to enjoy the springtime, and as you can see, folks in Reilly Springs are already filling up the calendar until nearly Christmas.




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