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My Boyfriend Has A Very Feminine Side

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I think my boyfriend is gay...and he just doesnt know it yet. There are many things that cause me to believe this. He picked white and baby blue for our prom colors only because he wanted his eyes to look good. In school he dots all of his i's with hearts, even on his drivers lisence. One day he came to school and looked really tired. So I asked him why, and he said that he had stayed up until four in the morning watching a hannah montana marathon. He was serious. He also admits to crying in The notebook, and he can dance like a girl. Like he can pop lock and drop it. And he likes everyone to know. He also dresses really well for a guy. Please help me.


Help you? Help you do what? You say you "think" he's gay and even he doesn't know it yet. Have you even considered asking him point blank instead of just assuming? Having and acting on feminine qualities do not automatically make

him gay.  A lot of men have very feminine behaviors but that doesn't mean they're gay. Dotting his i's with hearts and staying up all night to watch a Hannah Montana marathon tells me he's immature. Dressing really well for a guy, as you put it, is not necessarily a bad thing. Would you rather the guy dress like a bum? Are you worried he's going to want to borrow your panties or your lip gloss? If you "think" he's gay, and are looking for someone you could possibly marry in the future, then let him go now. You can't, nor should you attempt to, change him. You're just asking for trouble if you try to do that.


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written by a guest , October 21, 2010
smilies/grin.gif thats some funny stuff!!!
Very funny
written by a guest , October 21, 2010
Lol!!!smilies/cheesy.gif Ha Ha!!!! smilies/cheesy.gif
lol haha!!
written by a guest , October 21, 2010
funny lolsmilies/cheesy.gif
written by a guest , May 03, 2010
this stuff is very funny. smilies/cheesy.gif

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