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Baseball Chick Clicks

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Dear Delores,

I have a 13 year old whom I fianally got to join softball for Sulphur Springs. She is from North Hopkins and was put on a team of SS girls all in a little click laughing at the other couple of non clicks, putting them down etc., well thus now my granddaughter, who has a very low self esteem, came home all upset crying stating she can't play her very first time of playing on this team. I called and reported it this is what I have gotten so far well we already picked teams etc., we can't change them. What the heck? I paid my money for her self esteem to build up, not be completely torn away. These baseball teams need some kind of adjustments to fit the parents and kids expectations. What could we do next? I don't want to send her into that kind of snob better than you team.

Concerned Grandmother


Dear Concerned,

You paid money for your granddaughter to play ball, not have some strangers "build" her self esteem. Get real! If you teach your granddaughter that it is up to others to "build" her self esteem she'll never get anywhere in life. It's up to her and her alone. Yes, snobs like this can hurt your feelings and they can be very cold,


especially at this age. These girls have probably been playing together since the beginning and will naturally stick together. The fact that they are doing this shows a great lack of character on their part. Their parents may have helped "build" their self esteem but forgot to enforce the importance of good character. These girls are the real losers since they have to form a click to put others down to "build" themselves up. It's really sad and please do not teach your granddaughter to be like them or even want to fit in. Tell her to get out there and play ball to the best of her abilities. There is a great lesson to be learned from these pitiful girls and hopefully she won't miss that. Character first. Always character first!




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