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Home News-Telegram Community News Reilly Springs News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS March 10, 2010


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Haven’t the last couple of days been wonderful? Yes, we’ve had some more rain, and it is still awfully messy around the barn and down our country roads, but the warmer temperatures and a glimpse of sunshine should have put everyone in a different mood with hopes of some great spring weather ahead.

“It’s just great to get out and be warmed by the sun,” said one Reilly Springs resident. “It doesn’t matter if you’re working in the flowerbeds or just sitting out beneath a tree, it makes you feel great.”

“Are the daffodils just awesome this year, or is it that we’ve been ‘cooped-up’ for so long this winter that they just look so pretty?” quizzed another resident. “Seems like they are even prettier than I remember them being last year.”

Speaking of springtime activities, the 5th Annual Rotary Spelling Bee was conducted last Thursday night, and of course, it was a great time for everyone. Our own Yvonne Miller King and several others from this community were among the hosts, and Yvonne used her “old” cheerleading skills to help select the winner of the spirit award.

“Those may have been some of the most frequently misspelled words in the English language,” expressed one observer. “I think I’ve figured out why I avoid using them.”

I heard from Vera Harrington this week. She was enjoying the springtime weather and advised that she’d made a trip to Waxahachie to visit the granddaughters. Caroline had placed as a distance runner on her school’s track team and was proud of her accomplishments.

I also ran into Vera and Martha Stribling in Commerce on Sunday afternoon. They reported that they had avoided the shooting scene at the local Walmart Store and were attending the Texas A&M University-Commerce production of “Always ... Patsy Cline.” “It was a spectacular production,” allowed Vera. “I just loved Lou Ann Petty in the role of Patsy Cline and she actually sounded like her. And, the girl that played her friend, Louise, stole the show.”

A large contingency of people from Hopkins County made the trip to Commerce for the gala production of the play and enjoyed a reception and a special concert following the original production. “It was great to hear the music of Patsy Cline and to take yourself back in time to the 1950s and 60s,” expressed Wanda Trusty. “And this cast and crew did an awesome job.”

I spied a large group of folks from Reilly Springs at the UPRA Spring Rodeo on Friday and Saturday night. Little Wayne Hinton was among the “Mutton Busters” and managed to stay on for at least 4 seconds. Of course, he was proud of his efforts and had to share the experience with all of his cousins.

I also had the opportunity to visit a few minutes with Ty Boatman, at the rodeo, as she was taking some pictures. She reported a busy schedule at Saltillo ISD and looking forward to spring break.

Speaking of spring break, the Yantis ISD “pulled theirs a little bit green” and are on spring break this week. Of course, all the teachers and students are enjoying the time away from school, but will be in class, when most places take theirs next week.

I had a nice visit with Marilee Fisher on the phone Tuesday night. She related that J.R. was headed home from a week’s visit in Washington D.C. It involved a girl, so who knows what kind of stories there will be floating around Reilly Springs on his return trip.

Blake Fisher  has been under the weather and Kendra has been pulling double duty, helping Bryant do the chores and teaching at Cumby ISD. Add to that making wedding plans and her plate is fairly well loaded. I’m sure she’s looking for a spring break, real soon.

Marilee has started a new job at Rock Creek Nursing Home and reported enjoying the atmosphere and how many people she enjoyed seeing that she hadn’t seen in a while. “I’m getting old," reported Marilee. “When you know almost all of your patients, it’s a sure sign.”

Charlie Garvin and his daughter, Tammy, were weekend visitors in Reilly Springs. They dropped by to see several friends and visited with Vera Harrington for a few minutes while in Northeast Texas. Charlie is now making his home in Midland.

Rhandi Fails reported that Joyce Gilbreath is staying at Debra Stribling’s and received a host of visitors on Sunday afternoon, when Maxine Gilbreath and Pansy Clopton came by. Of course, they all had a great time visiting.

Rhandi also reported that Cody began his training in Tyler this week for his new job at the coal mine, so he’ll be busy for a few weeks.

Has anyone seen any signs of the Easter bunny? He might be caught making his rounds, about anytime, as Easter is on April 4th this year. Several in our community are already making plans for a big celebration and hosting the grandchildren for Easter Egg hunts.

Joyce McDonald has received word that the entire “Muleshoe Bunch”  is headed to her house, for Easter. “I think we’ll be ‘hunting babies’ this year, as we have so many new ones,” she declared. “It will be great to have them all home.”

Speaking of Muleshoe, Jana DeWitt is visiting out there this week, as she attempts to spoil the grandkids good and proper.

I also visited with Sybil McClendon for a few minutes this week. “Let everyone know that I’m still kickin," declared Syblil. “I’m not getting out as much as I use to, but I’m still going!”

I had a chance to visit with Sandi Wallace for a few minutes and she reported that she and Lawana Powell have been busy, after doing the Chamber of Commerce Banquet, with some upcoming spring and summer wedding caterings. The work never ends.

Spring flowers are blooming, there’s a new crop of baby calves popping up in the pastures, and the weather is beginning to warm up, so looks like even though we’ll probably have some more cold temperatures, spring is here. If you look at the oak trees, they are beginning to bud, and seldom do they get it wrong.

Have you got your garden plowed? It isn’t going to be long before it’s time to set-out those plants, even if you aren’t an early gardener. With a few days of sunshine, you can be digging in the dirt shortly.

Until next week, enjoy the beauty of  springtime and the many, many blessings that come with the renewal of the earth. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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