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Cyber Communication?

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Lately, I have been pondering the ways of current communication. It occurred to me that with the modern age of cyberspace that so much emotion has gotten lost in translation.

For starters what happen to the good old days of picking up a phone and just calling folks? I have a phone but rarely use it in that manner. I’ve even gotten to a point of not leaving messages.

There is texting, emailing, chatting online, blogging, forums, twittering, myspacing and facebooking and plenty of ways as well to communicate within these realms.

It just doesn’t seem right to me when I hear a respected sports broadcaster say he is going to “tweet” about it. Is it just me?

I’ve done some exploring into some of these mass forms of cyber communication but have found that it seems to primarily be a way to pass time and possibly share a few cohesive thoughts or photos with others not seen on a daily basis. That is about all I can conclude from it.

I really feel for the generation slightly older than myself. Those, not as computer savvy, might be left out of the loop. Or are the ones behind the keyboard just using it as an outlet to prevent boredom?

We put our opinions out there for all to see, comment on, and worry if someone doesn’t click the “like” button. I wouldn’t have imagined myself typing messages into a cell phone even 10 years ago or blogging for that matter.

What is the outlook for this upcoming generation? Times have changed.

I see it daily, just glancing into a crowd at sporting events. Some are cheering, others are texting and then there are some on laptops too.

Have we gotten too digital with our cyber communication? LOL ;)

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