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Reilly Springs News for Feb. 17, 2010

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Folks in Reilly Springs are still talking about the record snowstorm. According to measurements from several residents, our community received close to a foot of snow. “It’s definitely the most snow I’ve ever seen in this community, and I’ve lived here a long, long time," declared Vera Harrington. “I don’t ever remember it snowing this much.”

On Wednesday morning, we still have some snow on the ground in shaded places. If long-ago weather prophet Dreyfus Harrington was right, “anytime snow stays on the ground longer than 3 days, we’ll have another one.”

Another local weather prophet shared that we’d have a frost in April to coincide with the days of snow in February, so get out your calendars and mark it down and let’s see if it happens.

Regardless, there were some beautiful pictures in our community, last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with everything covered in snow. However, this week we’re paying the price with the mud that is left after it melts. On the bright side, we’ll more than likely be wishing for some moisture around July and August.

I don’t want to mention it, but I actually heard a weather forecaster say that naughty word “snow,” again. Hopefully, we’ll miss it, or it won’t materialize again.

Have you got your onions and Irish potatoes “mudded-in” in your garden? Valentine’s Day has passed and that’s the old target date to have those chores completed.

I had the opportunity to visit with Marilee Fisher at the Republican Mardi Gras Celebration on Monday night, and she allowed that they’d all been busy but were “still kicking.” Bryant was leaving on Tuesday for a dairy farm meeting in San Antonio and would be out of town for most of the week.

Meanwhile, J.R. and Blake were dealing with the mud and hoping for some drier weather.

On Feb. 5, Marilee reported that she and Shelia Funderburk and Patty Warren had a nice visit as they met and ate and caught up on all that was happening in their families. All three remembered that it had been 11 years since their sons had all graduated high school.

That brings up another subject, J.R. Fisher will be celebrating his 30th birthday on Sunday. Can you believe the boy is getting so old? I know I can remember that he thought someone that was 30 was “ancient.” Now, I’ll bet he doesn’t think it is near so old. He thinks he’s just getting started.

Josh Hughes, from Cleburne, was a weekend guest at the Fisher’s and they enjoyed seeing him. He’s a Texas A&M University friend of J.R.’s  and they enjoy getting together several times during the year.

Meanwhile, Kendra and Blake are busy planning their wedding. They have set a date, July 31st, so folks can begin “pressing their suits.”

Joyce McDonald and Jana DeWitt have just returned from a trek to “scenic” Muleshoe. They reported that there was more snow in Hopkins County than in the Texas Panhandle. “We only got about an inch out there, and everyone was calling and telling us about how much we were getting back home,” reported Joyce and Jana.

“But we got to spoil the kids while we were out there,” reported Joyce. “I’ve never been to so many ‘tea parties” and rocked so many babies. My family is definitely growing in leaps and bounds.”

Jana and Joyce returned on Sunday afternoon in time to see the melting of the great snowfall here in Hopkins County.

I heard from Rhandi Fails this week, and they reported no electricity, like so many others in our community, on last Friday. However, David Stribling, a.k.a. “Pawdaddy,” found an old truck hood, and the snowmobiling was on. Reports are that they “acted like a bunch of kids.”

There may be some new “Olympic events” after this trip in the snow, probably in the “Redneck Olympics.”

Cody, Rhandi, and Case Fails had Nelda Fails as a visitor on Friday nigh. She spent the night, and then Chuck Fails came to pick her up on Saturday.

Linda Avis dropped by to visit with the Fails on Saturday.

Meanwhile, it sounds like Cupid was in our community, as on Sunday the Fails enjoyed lunch with the Tanner Ragan family and Cody had a big basket of goodies for Rhandi.  And the Fishers delivered some kind of surprise that involved “pink birds” to David and Debra.

David and Debra Stribling had a nice overnight visit from Baylee Gilbreath on Saturday night, and today are celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary, today. Congratulations to David and Debra.

While we are passing out congratulations, I want to send a hearty one to Mrs. Barbara Law, who was named Woman of the Year at the 84th Annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet, on Thursday night. Barbara, my senior English teacher and a dear friend was most deserving of the award. Another big thrill was seeing Mickey McKenzie win Citizen of the Year. Mickey continues to amaze me as he and Barbara go about making this community a great place to live. They tirelessly contribute to the quality of life in Hopkins County. Congratulations to all of our winners last Thursday night.

On Monday night, I was in North Hopkins to watch the matchup between Saltillo and Sulphur Bluff, and then on Tuesday night, I attended the Cumby, Sulphur Bluff, and Miller Grove Lady basketball games around Northeast Texas. Congratulations to all the teams and best of luck in the playoffs.

Many in our community were in Yantis, last night to see the Owls complete their regular season against Quinlan-Boles, pulling out a close one, 41-40, to remain at the top of their district. Now they will play Martins Mill in a playoff Friday night in Hawkins to determine the district winner. Go Owls...

I visited with Yvonne King this week on the telephone, and she allowed that Roy and Ashley had been busy clipping Ashley’s steer for the upcoming Youth Market Show that unfolds next week. Youth from all across Hopkins County will be bringing their market projects to the Hopkins County Civic Center next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The Sale of Champions is scheduled for Saturday night, Feb. 27. Mark your calendars and make plans to be there to bid on these outstanding projects.Several members of our community have poultry, swine, lamb, goat and steer projects.

Until next week, continue to deal with the mud and remember that God sends all gifts for a purpose. Remember our troops, who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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