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Home News-Telegram Community News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS Feb. 10, 2010


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Well folks, it’s about time to drag out those long-johns again, as it sounds like we may be in for some colder temperatures and possibly some ice, sleet and snow. How much rain did you get? It was probably more than you needed, as most of the fields and pastures are already saturated and even the roads in our community seem to be under water.
I visited with Vera Harrington on Tuesday, and she related that she believed it was the wettest she’d ever seen it. “I know we’re fortunate to not have to deal with muddy roads like we did years ago, but I believe the pastures and fields are muddier than I’ve ever seen them,” declared Vera. “There is just no way to find a dry place for anything.”
Vera did relate that she must have made some kind of impact on her granddaughter, Charlotte, as Charlotte’s class at school was writing about what they would learn in the next 100 days. Charlotte wrote that “she’d probably be milking cows for 100 years, like her Grandma Vera.” “I really don’t know how to take that,” said Vera.
Mary Burns and the girls were visitors to Vera’s over the weekend, and enjoyed a nice holiday in Reilly Springs. Caroline was working on a video project for school and spent some time filming activities in our community. Don’t you wonder what those youths in Waxahachie will think when they see her video?
Meanwhile, Elizabeth was practicing her driving in the country, as she’s already passed her written driving test and has her beginner’s license. It doesn’t seem possible that she’s old enough to be driving.
Vera was expecting a visit from Little John McNeil on Wednesday, as he was driving in from Oklahoma to attend a funeral, and had promised to stop by and visit with Vera for a time before driving back. Vera said that he’d been dealing with much more ice and snow in Oklahoma than we’ve had for the winter, and was also complaining about the wet weather on his ranch there. Anyone that has livestock to tend can attest that it is definitely muddy.
Janet Swindle Neylon, her husband, Brian, and daughter, Katy, were also weekend visitors to Vera’s, as they had a nice visit in Reilly Springs. Janet and Vera enjoyed showing Brian and Katy some of the things that they remembered, as Janet was reared in Reilly Springs.
Janet also went to visit with Anthony McKay but found him gone, and hated that she’d missed a visit with her cousin.
Well, if you didn’t make the drive to Martin’s Mill on Tuesday night to follow the Yantis Owls, you missed some of the best basketball action of the season. Yantis was in second place in the district after losing to the Mustangs when they “met-up” in Yantis back in January. However, it was a different story in Martin’s Mill on Tuesday night. The Owls stuck to their game plan and executed a great game. They defeated the Martin’s Mill Mustangs, 47-38 in a “standing up” game, that had everyone in the gym going crazy. It was a great game and one that was certainly worth the long drive to southern Van Zandt County.
The Owls and Lady Owls will be on the road Friday night as they travel to Campbell, and finish the regular season at home next Tuesday night when they host Boles. If both Martin’s Mill and Yantis continue their winning ways, they will be faced with a playoff game to determine the district championship. You won’t want to miss that game, as well as cheer the Owls to victory on Friday and Tuesday, too. Congratulations to the Owls on a great season.
Several others from our community traveled to Alba-Golden on Tuesday night to watch the Como-Pickton Eagles and Lady Eagles in basketball action, as their season winds down. It’s been a great basketball season in Hopkins County.
I saw P.J. and Barbara Ponder on Sunday after church, and P.J., like everyone else, was complaining about the vast amount of mud on his place. He advised that things were almost impassable on his farm across Running Creek.
Sandi Wallace and Heather Salverino, along with some help from Kenni Jo, are busy cooking this week, as they are catering the 84th Annual Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce Banquet. Look for some great food at the banquet, as Hopkins County pauses on Thursday night to honor those who have given of their time and talent to make this a great place to live.
Have you got those roses ordered and that box of chocolates purchased? Guys, remember that this weekend is Valentine’s Day and you need to get your purchases made, to stay out of the “dog house.” Roses and candy are always appropriate and are certainly better than living with the alternative.
Besides, many of you were in Pine Forest on Saturday to participate in the Texas Big Nasty Hog Contest. She let you out to hunt on Saturday, so you need to make sure you get those roses and candy this weekend.
A large crowd of Northeast Texas hunters participated in Saturday’s event and sounds like this year’s Big Nasty Contest will certainly attract an even larger crowd than last year.
On my way back from Pine Forest on Saturday, I saw an oddity on State Highway 11 east, as I was traveling between Como and Martin Springs. A flock of snow geese had descended on a field on the south side of the road, with thousands of them lighting near a farm pond. They covered the field and had traffic stopping and folks taking pictures. They were a rare sight in Hopkins County but beautiful birds to watch and photograph.
I visited with Yvonne King for a few minutes, this week, and she wanted to remind everyone to be certain to mark their calendars for the upcoming Youth Market Show, to be held in the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center, on Feb. 25-27. The Sale of Champions will be on Saturday, Feb. 27, and will feature the best animals shown in this year’s show. Make plans to come out and support our youth.
I heard from Rhandi Fails, this week, and she advised that Joyce Gilbreath had been dismissed from the hospital. That is good news, and this hoping that Joyce gets to feeling better and has a “speedy” recovery.
I also spied Rhandi and Deborah Stribling in Yantis last Friday night as they attended the basketball match-up between Yantis and Cumby.
I haven’t heard from the Fishers this week; they must be “mudded in” down in Southern Reilly Springs. You might check on them, or pull them out of the mud.
Are you planning a Mardi Gras celebration? It’s that time of year and time for everyone to bring out those great Cajun dishes to serve. “Fat Tuesday” is next Tuesday, Feb. 16, and then Lent will begin. This is hoping you have a great celebration.
Until next week, continue to attempt to stay warm and count your blessings, to live in a warm house, have paved roads to travel on, and the many blessings that we many times take for granted. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and safe trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.



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